My First Bundle Consent Form




To be eligible and activate a Digicel My First Bundle, you must complete this Participation and Consent Form.


1.  Name of Parent/Guardian


2.  Relationship to Child (e.g. mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle)


3.  Name of Child


4.  Age of Child


5.  Country of Residence


6.  Type of Account (tick one)

Prepaid    □                      Postpaid □ 


Whereas the Parent/Guardian identified at Item 1 above, undertakes and agrees accordingly:


1.  I am either the parent or legal guardian of the Child (who is under the age of 16) whose name appears above;


2.  I am 18 years of age or older and I am not a minor;


3. I hereby agree and consent to the addition of a second number to my name for the benefit of my Child who I have consented to receiving the benefit provided under this Digicel My First Bundle promotion.


4. I hereby agree and understand that Digicel may disclose or allow the disclosure to third parties of my Child’s personal information, including without limitation the associated device phone number, Child’s name, address, telephone number, equipment identifiers, and Internet Protocol addresses.


5. By consenting to the addition of a second number for my Child, I agree to any applicable disclosures and uses of my Child’s personal information for the purposes of activating this Digicel My First Bundle.


6.  I understand that Digicel may aggregate and use my Child’s personal information to report usage or to maintain and improve the service and features of the Digicel My First Bundle.


7. I understand that this notice may serve as the sole notice of any such collection of my Child’s personal information and I agree and understand that I may not receive any reminders or further notice.


8. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold Digicel harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, costs or expenses arising from or relating to any claims made by or on behalf of my Child relating to the subject matter of the Agreement or by any breach by me of the terms of this Agreement;


9.  I hereby agree and consent to the use of my and my Child’s name, likeness, image, photograph for any and all programming and/or publicity or advertising purposes, commercial or otherwise, in all media and formats used by Digicel’s or its agencies, without further compensation, throughout the world in perpetuity.


10. I understand that this Agreement is binding upon me, my Child, personal representatives and assigns.  If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, it shall be considered deleted herefrom and shall not invalidate the remaining provisions. This Agreement constitutes my entire agreement in favor of Digicel with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes any and all of my previous agreements, statements, communications and representations, whether written or oral, in favor of or with Digicel with respect to such subject matter.


Please tick ALL:

□ I agree that I have read this Participation & Consent Form and I acknowledge and agree that by signing this Agreement, I accept the Digicel My First Bundle Terms and Conditions which I agree that I have read and understand.


□ I am the parent or legal guardian of the Child named herein and duly authorized to represent him/her and provide consent on his/her behalf.


□ I hereby agree and consent to Digicel processing all and any personal information that I’ve provided about myself and the Child during the Promotion and the mobile services registration process in accordance with their privacy policy (click here) and the privacy notice of any other products or services for which I voluntarily sign up.




Signed by:





Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian                    Name of Parent or Legal Guardian                                  Date