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SIM Starter Kit FAQs

SIM Starter Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”):


1.      What is a SIM Starter Kit?

A SIM Starter Kit is a package that includes everything you need to activate your mobile phone with a prepaid mobile service from Digicel. It includes a prepaid SIM card, SIM ejector tool to pop the SIM port out, as well as instructions on how to activate the SIM card.


2.      What can I do with a SIM Starter Kit?

You can activate Digicel’s prepaid mobile service.


3.      How does the SIM Starter Kit work?

If you place the SIM card from the kit into your phone immediately after purchase it will not work. You will be required to activate the SIM card by scanning the QR code to the back of the SIM Starter Kit or visit: https://www.digicelgroup.com/simactivate.

This will take you to the activation portal and upon the successful completion of a few steps the SIM card will be activated and you may place it into a mobile phone and enjoy the Fastest LTE network.


4.      Where is the SIM Starter Kit available for purchase?

The sim starter kit is available at the following locations:

·       Select Massy Stores

·       SuperPharm

·       All Pennywise locations

·       Digicel E- store: https://shop.digicelgroup.com/catalog/category/view/s/prepaid-sims-with-plans/id/89/


5.      Is internet required to activate the SIM card?

Yes. Internet is required to access the web portal (i.e. via MyDigicel App (“MDA”) or via a web or desktop browser) to activate the SIM card.


6.      Is MDA required to activate the SIM card?

No. You do not need to install MDA on the mobile phone to activate the SIM card. However, it is recommended to be installed to better self-manage your SIM card or subscription (i.e. to top up your SIM card or to purchase a plan).


7.      Is this product Prepaid or Postpaid?

This product allows access to Digicel’s Prepaid mobile network.


8.      Do I need to sign a contract?

You will have to enter into a contract with Digicel by accepting our Digicel Mobile Telephone Services Terms and Conditions when activating the SIM card.


9.      Do I need to have an ID to purchase this product?

While you may be able to purchase the SIM card from an authorized third-party without the need to provide identification, you will be required to submit your ID at the activation stage.


10.   What ID types are accepted?

Only valid, unexpired photo IDs: Driver’s Licence, National ID and Passport


11.   Will I need to have an email address to activate the SIM card?

Yes, you will need a valid email address in order to activate the SIM card.


12.   Would the physical SIM card fit in my phone?

Yes. The SIM card comes in a format that is collapsible and compatible with all GSM phones. However, if your phone uses an eSIM, you can visit a Digicel store to complete an eSIM replacement.


13.   Can I get back my old number on this SIM card?

No. A new number is assigned to each SIM Starter Kit. To see whether you can get back an old Digicel mobile number, you will need to visit a Digicel store.


14.   For how long will my SIM card be active?

The SIM has an initial life cycle of 30 days until Topped up where the life cycle will be extended for a further period.


15.   How old do I need to be to activate the SIM Starter Kit?

You are required to be at least 18 years of age.


16.   Can I use this SIM card when I travel?

Yes! This SIM card is no different from a SIM card purchased directly from a Digicel store. Please check our website to confirm prepaid roaming partners and roaming rates.


17.   How do I activate a plan/bundle on this SIM card?

After activating the SIM card, you can purchase Top Up or a plan from MDA or by dialing *323# or via any other channel that exists including Digicel stores and Top Up kiosks.


18.   How would I know my SIM card has been activated?       

The activation portal will confirm that the SIM card has been activated. Upon activating the service, you will receive an SMS confirmation message.


19.   If I have further questions, where can I get help?

You can talk to us via Live Chat through our support pages via web www.digicelgroup.com or the MyDigicel App or call 100 from your Digicel mobile phone or call 1-868-399-9998


These FAQs are meant merely as a guide for customers and Digicel shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the above.

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