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Customer Referral Program || Digicel Plus:


  • How does the program work?

Selected customers will have the opportunity to earn $150.00 for referring new customers to our Digicel+ service. Once your referral has been signed up and installed with our service, you will receive $150.00 per each new customer towards your Digicel+  bill.


  • How will the selected customers be notified about the referral program?

Customers will be contacted by Digicel’s Telesales team who will provide details on the incentive program.


  • How and When will I be paid?

Once your referral has been installed with our Digicel+ service, your incentive will be paid in the next bill cycle.

Note: The above are examples and is applicable to any bill cycle. The payment from the program is calculated as $150 x no. of successful referrals from you.


  • How will I know that the payment was made to my Digicel+ account?

You will be notified via a text message from Digicel with the amount that has been credited to your account.


  • What plans / products does my refferal need to sign up for?

This incentive is tied to our Digicel+ product catalogue – any of our Internet, TV, Smart Home or Bundled plans will be eligible to earn this incentive.


  • Is this program open to all Digicel customers?

No, this program is only available to selected Digicel+ customers .


  • What qualifies my referral for this incentive?
  1. New Customer to our Digicel+ network who has been successfully installed.
  2. The customer is not already benefitting from any discount.
  3. The customer resides in an area that has Digicel+ service


  • What will disqualify my referral for this incentive?
    1. If it is an existing customer who already has the Digicel+ service this includes Smart Home 
    2. If it is an existing customer who has already signed up but is awaiting installation
    3. Reside in area that has Digicel + service, however, we are unable to provide service to the customer due to availablity of assigned fibre slots.


  • How will my referral be validated?
    1. Their address will be checked to determine if service is available
    2. Their names will be checked to determine if there are any current arrears


  • What happens if two customers refer the same person?
  • The customer who entered the referral into the portal first will be assigned the incentive once the referral has been successfully installed.


Before you get going, remember –

  • Talk with your friends, family, neighbours and everyone about our products!
  • Remember to tell your referral that someone from our team will contact them, get their permission to share contact information with us.
  • How do I refer a customer to Digicel?

You can access the link to refer a customer ( http://bit.ly/3kH9C5G)


  • What if the referral form is not working?

Visit our  query form by visiting (http://bit.ly/3XKqarU)

  • What if the query form is not working?

Dial 500 from your Digicel handset and select the option 3 from the main menu to speak with a Sales agent who will assist you further.


  • Can I get the payment as cash as opposed towards my bill payment?

No, payment from this program will only be applied to your Digicel+  invoice.


  • If someone I know was not contacted by Digicel to be a part of the program, can I ask Digicel to contact them to be a part of the program?

No. Only customers who were contacted about the program will be allowed to benefit. You cannot request for anyone to be added to the program.


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