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Digicel Online Top Up



What is Online Top Up?

Online Top Up is a top up method that allows users to add credit to Digicel Prepaid numbers via Digicel’s website.


What denominations can I add with Online Top Up?

You can add any whole number amount between TTD 65.00 and TTD 600.00.


Can I add credit to my Postpaid phone using Online Top Up?

No. Postpaid customers can utilize any of the following methods to pay their bills:

Any branch of First Citizens Bank, Republic Bank, RBTT and Scotia Bank.

VIA Machines. 

Bill Express.



Automated Credit Card and Debit Card payments.

Called in Credit Card payments.


What do I need to access Online Top Up?

A valid Credit Card – Visa or MasterCard.

Access to the internet.

An active email address.

Paypal, American Express, Diners, Discover.


How do I login in to Online Top Up?

To access online top up, Click here


Do I need to register in order to use Online Top Up?

Yes. In order to use Online Top Up, you need to register your credit card.


What steps must I take in order to register successfully?

Go to the Top Up page, Click here

Click on the link – “Online Top Up”.

Select “New Registration”. You will be directed to another link where you will: 

Create username and password, Enter Personal Information, Enter Credit Card Information.

Contact your credit card provider/bank and request the amount of the transaction generated by Digicel. This transaction is generated at registration to authenticate the user and is reversed within 24 hours.

Enter the amount provided by your credit card provider in the Random Transaction Amount field and click Submit.


What information is required in the registration process? 

A unique username and password.

A valid email address.

Personal information including valid identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, national ID) and security question and answer.

Credit card information: Type of credit card (Visa or MasterCard), name on the credit card, expiry date and credit card number.

The random transaction amount generated during registration (to be requested from the bank).


Is there a charge to register for Online Top Up?

A random value not exceeding $1 USD (in TT dollars) will be charged to your account during registration. This amount is reversed within 24 hours of the payment and is charged for the sole purpose of verifying the person registering the card before completing the registration. You will need to contact your bank or Credit card company to obtain the transaction value. 


How will I know when I have successfully completed the registration?

Your initial registration details will be sent to the email address provided during registration. The email includes a link that allows you to go back to the approval page should you want to complete the registration at a later time. Once you have entered the correct transaction amount received from the bank, the registration is complete. 


Can I register multiple cards under the same account (username and password)?

Yes. You have the option to add other credit cards to your account.

Go to the tab “Registered cards”.

Select the link “add new card”.

Insert credit card details. 

If multiple cards are added then when you login to make a payment you can choose which credit card you want to use to pay a particular bill. 


Is there a limit on the number of credit cards I am allowed to register?

No. There is no limit on the number of credit cards that can be registered.


Can the same credit card be registered twice even for two separate accounts?

Yes. A credit card can be registered to two accounts as long as each account registers the correct credit card details.


Can I change my password?

Yes. Once logged in go to the “Change Password” tab:

Enter old password.

Enter new password.

Confirm new password.


How do I add credit using Online Top Up? 

Go to the Top Up page, Click here.

Click on the link – “Online Top Up”.

Enter transaction details ( phone number and amount to be paid; also include your username).

Enter your Online Payment username and password.

Confirm payment and credit card details - choose card (if multiple cards are on your account) and the card’s CVV2 (the last 3 digits of the number on the back of the card).

If you selected additional security, a payment code would have been emailed to you. Enter payment code.

Select “pay”. 


Is there a service charge for each top up?

No. There is no charge to use the service. Your credit card will be charged the exact amount of the top up. 


Am I limited to adding credit to one Digicel number using Online Top Up?

No. You can add credit to any Digicel Prepaid number using Online Top Up.


Am I limited to adding credit to one Digicel number using Online Top Up?

No. You can add credit to any Digicel Prepaid number using Online Top Up.


Will I be able to keep track of my transactions?

Yes. There are three ways to keep track of your transactions with Online Top Up.

Once logged in, Online Top Up allows you to track your transactions completed using the Online Top Up service. 

Go to the “History” tab (Payment details are listed).

For additional information select the link for “details” to the right of each listed transaction. 

A payment receipt is emailed after each payment. You are encouraged to save this email.

At the end of each transaction a payment confirmation page is displayed. You are encouraged to print this page and keep for reference. 


Can I change my personal information?

Yes. When logged in, go to.

The “Profile” Tab.

Select the link for “Change Profile”.

Adjust as needed. 


How long does it take for my transactions to be registered on my Digicel account?

The transaction should be posted to your account immediately. 


Can I use the Online Top Up service overseas?

Yes. Once you have access to the internet and a Visa card or MasterCard credit card from a bank that will issue an approval code, you will be able to access the service.


Can I access Online Top Up from a WAP handset?

No. The service can only be accessed via WEB (Computers, laptops, Web enabled handsets).


Will I receive a receipt for transactions done via Online Top Up?

Yes. A receipt will be sent via email, notifying you of the transaction details e.g.


Payment ID: 442.

Service: Online Top Up.

Amount: 80 TTD.

Date created: 05/12/2021 14:05:39.

Date paid: 05/12/2021 14:06:12.

Card: xxxx xxxx xxxx 9280.

Approval code: 020350.


What should I do if money is deducted from my credit card and the amount does not reflect on my account? 

Click here to contact us

Select the Billing Option and have the following information available:

Payment ID.



Last 4 digits of credit card.

Account number.

Telephone number.

Payment type.

Approval code.

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