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Number Portability

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Number Portability is the process which allows you to switch network while keeping your phone number. What IsWhat is Number Portability

What Is Number Portability?

Number Portability is the process which allows you to switch network while keeping your phone number. 


How often can I port my number?

You can only port your number once every sixty calendar days (two months).


How long would it take to port my number? 

    - Mobile number (single #) – One working day

    - Fixed number (single #) – Five working days

    - Mobile number (group) – Two working days

    - Fixed number (group) – Ten working days


What do I need to port my number?

    - Active SIM card

    - Signed porting request form (Available at the Dealer Store)

    - Form of photo identification: a) National ID Card, b) Driver's Licence and c) Passport

    - Validation/Proof of ownership: SMS, IVR (fixed numbers)

    - Note: In addition to the above, a copy of your latest bill or a printout of your details are required for Postpaid accounts.


What happens to my credit when I port?

    You will lose any unused credit after porting. Voicemail messages will also be removed.


What happens if I have an outstanding bill?


The porting request can be denied if you have one or more outstanding bills on the account.



Porting cannot take place if you have any outstanding debt. You are required to pay all outstanding balances.


Can someone port on my behalf?

Yes. You can give someone permission for porting in writing. However, internal checks will be completed for authentication purposes.


What happens if I want to port back to my original network?

You can port back within 14 days after porting out. However, the original network is not obligated to accept the port in request.  If 14 days have passed, you are required to wait 60 days before submitting the request.


What happens if I have a business account?  

    If your name is on the bill or account, you are able to port as the “Subscriber”. If not, you are required to have the porting form signed by an appropriate legal representative of the organization. During this process. an identity check will be done.


Can I port my mobile number to a fixed account?

No. You can only port your number to services of the same type. For example, mobile to mobile, etc.


Can I port my number before my Postpaid contract expires?

Yes you can. However, you are required to pay the early termination charges.