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Digicel + Notice

Frequently Asked Questions 



1.      Why is Digicel+ increasing prices?

We are facing the challenges posed by substantial increases in the costs of doing business. We recognise that the demands for more internet, faster speeds, and greater reliability are increasing day by day. To meet these demands and deliver a superior experience, we must improve our network's resilience and redundancy to prevent outages and minimise downtime in the event of an outage.


2. Will there be any additional value for the impacted subscribers?


All impacted subscribers will be migrated to new improved plans, which will provide increased speeds.


3. Who are the affected subscribers?

Subscribers presently on  Fibre 125; Fibre 250; Fibre 500; Classic Bundle 125Mbps; Classic Bundle 250Mbps; Variety Bundle 125Mbps; Variety Bundle 250Mbps will be migrated to new plans.


4. Which subscribers are exempt?

Any subscribers within their first year of service will not be migrated to the new plans. The price change takes effect after the first year of service.


5. When will the price increase take effect?

The price increase will take effect on 01 August, 2023.


6. Will I be able to downgrade?

Yes. Customers will be able to downgrade to their previous plans. Contact the call center at 530 7529 to discuss with one of our customer service agents.


7. I have questions about the packages, whom can I discuss the details of the packages?

Customers can reach out to our call center at 530-7529, go into any retail store to speak with any customer service or sales agent in our retail stores or any of our Door-2-Door sales agents.




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