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Digicel is proud to present:
Learning Without Boundaries

Learning without boundaries offers an international lineup of presenters who have simple and proven strategies for teachers, parents and students to get the most out of online learning during these times. This online forum will be showcasing a number of methods and students from around the Caribbean. Join this webinar to learn how to stay up to date, and 10x your education, information and online learning capacity.

Panel Of Speakers

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Märt Aro


Märt Aro is the Co-Founder at DreamApply, a world-class digital solution used by more than 200 satisfied education institutions worldwide. Märt believes that we have all the means and knowledge available to significantly increase the quality of learning experience and provide access to education to everybody globally. Hence he is constantly seeking opportunities to make this happen. 

Märt Aro’s involvement in the field of education development dates back to his secondary school years which saw Märt organising educational events for peers on a national level. Since 2004, Märt has established several organisations and companies in the area of education development. The latest solution, DreamApply.com Student Application Management Platform, Märt co-founded in 2011. Today DreamApply is used by 250 universities from 35 countries, serving millions of users a year. Since 2004 Märt has co-founded 3 NGO’s and 4 companies for education development and been active on the boards of several organisations. For more details please visit LinkedIn.



Geoffrey Drayton


Educatek-Teach Virtual Online is an educational technology company based in Mexico City. Mr Drayton has been in the educational technology business for more than 20 years working at a diverse array of companies from VerticalNet and Excite@Home to Beyond Books and Teachscape. His company’s primary focus is professional development for teachers, deploying various digital platforms and contents. The company has worked throughout Latin America and the US. Prior to starting his own company Mr. Drayton was the VP for Latin America & the Caribbean for Promethean Inc. Geoff started, built and ran Promethean’s Latin American business from scratch, successfully growing the business to number one market share in the region. Working with Ministries of Education, Governors and NGO’s, the company had successful projects from Mexico to Argentina.



Mr Aleksis Psychas


Director of Business Insights with Edmodo. Edmodo is trusted by 150 million users worldwide for communication, collaboration, and learning features required to drive learning outcomes. With covid-19 dramatically changing the educational landscape, Edmodo is working with Digicel and Ministries of Education around the world to give teachers, students, and parents the tools they need for both in-classroom and distance learning.



Lisa Lewis


LHO Education offers a regional E-Learning and exam preparation platform via the website www.learninghub.online. Today that site has over 100,000 registered users and is accessed by several Caribbean governments to provide local content to primary and secondary schools. Lisa has served as the Chairman of the Digicel Jamaica Foundation, and worked closely with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica to successfully achieve the United Nations Development Goal of 80% literacy at grade 4 level. Lisa has served on several Government Boards including E-Learning Jamaica.


Richard Pursey


Cyber-bullying, sextortion, abuse, and aggression are rising internet threats. Richard believes that big technology companies should do more to ensure the safety of the 500 million children online at any one time … Richard has therefore developed tools to redress this. With his background in behavioral analytics and data patterning, he has served on the board of the UK National Health Service Primary Care Trust, where he was exposed to the mental health challenges that children face from living in the online world.



Dr Wayne Wesley


Dr Wayne Wesley brings us 25 years of experience in education and training, built on a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Florida State University, and post graduate work in Education at Harvard University and Manchester Business School, in the fields of Innovation, Economic Growth, and Advanced Management.



Dwayne Campbell


Dwayne Campbell is the Founder and CEO of BookFusion, an open and global e-book platform that redefines the reading experience. Borne out of the need for an integrated reading platform that allows online management of a digital library, BookFusion is now a global platform that allows educational institutions to create their own private/public libraries to facilitate controlled lending and distribution of eBooks of various formats including audio-books, video embedded books, e-workbooks and other richly interactive content. After graduating magna cum laude from Howard University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science,  Dwayne worked as a software engineer for Goldman Sachs for three years. Later, he went on to start BookFusion while pursuing his Masters in Computer Science (Natural Language Processing) at Columbia University.  Dwayne continues to push the boundaries of reading and education with continuing to develop and deploy transformative solutions that enhance learning and pushes reading beyond its borders.



Catherine Whitaker


Catherine Whitaker is CEO and Head of Learning at EtonX, a subsidiary of Eton College, UK. EtonX creates innovative technology and high-quality course materials to develop soft skills in teenagers. Since launching in 2018, students in over forty countries have taken courses in its Future Skills Programme. Catherine is a career innovator in digital content and online learning, having been Chief Operating Officer of social learning platform, Knowledge Transmission, and having held business development and publishing posts at HarperCollins, Macmillan and Cambridge University Press. She is a graduate of Oxford University.



Scott Smith


Senior executive with nearly 20 years experience in the education technology industry. Mr. Smith's various leadership roles have included sales, global business development and product management for both international and start-up organisations. Mr. Smith has work with Pearson, McGraw-Hill Education and now Matific.



Shwetlena Sabarwal


Shwetlena Sabarwal is a Senior Economist at the World Bank. She was a principle author for the World Development Report 2019 on the Changing Nature of Work and World Development Report 2018 on Learning to Realize Education’s Promise. She has published in the areas of Education Economics and Labor Markets. In education, her research is on effort, mindsets, and incentives within education systems. In labor markets, her work has focused on entrepreneurship, gender, and networks. Shwetlena has led World Bank’s education engagement in Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Nepal. She holds a PhD in Applied Economics from University of Minnesota.



Halsey Rogers


Halsey Rogers is Lead Economist with the World Bank’s Education Global Practice and served as Co-Director of the World Development Report 2018: Learning to Realize Education’s Promise.  He recently co-authored The COVID-19 Pandemic:  Shocks to Education and Policy Responses and the report launching the World Bank’s Learning Poverty indicator.  He has published widely in peer-reviewed journals and advised governments in every region on education and development, and he co-authored the World Bank’s education strategy.  He holds degrees from Princeton and Harvard and a PhD in economics from UC Berkeley.



Robin Headlee


Discovery’s curriculum expertise, digital resources, and teacher training are accessible in approximately 50% of K12 schools in the US, 40% of primary schools in the UK, and increasingly available across 90 countries globally. Robin will share with us the ways in which Discovery Education is partnering with Digicel and regional Ministries of Education; to support continuity of learning in classrooms, homes and on the go. Her team has had much success equipping students with 21st century skills; by weaving Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical thinking into their developmental programs.



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