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Samsung A05 64GB

AFL 279.00

Samsung Galaxy A15 128GB

AFL 409.00

Samsung Galaxy A25 128GB

AFL 559.00

Samsung Galaxy A35 128GB

AFL 779.00

Samsung Galaxy A55 128GB

AFL 899.00

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If you find your credit running out, here are some checks that you can do to resolve this:  

1. Activate the best plan to suit your needs. To see our plans and choose the right one for you, click here, or log on to your MyDigicel App.

2. Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are designed to keep you constantly connected to friends and family and are always working whether you actively use them or not.  If you would like to manage the data usage on your phone, you can do so by stopping background apps from using your data.

3. Not sure how much that call you made or text message cost? You can check out our prepaid rates here.

4. If you are visiting another country, find easy ways to manage your credit with these roaming tips.

5. You may have subscribed to Digi INFO where you receive daily updates dependent on the service you selected. Text 'STOP' to 4636 to unsubscribe to this offer.   


You can easily get the history of all your transactions for the last seven days on the MyDigicel App and see exactly how your credit has been used.     

Here is how you can check the transactions on your account from the App:

Step 1. Select the MyDigicel app from the app screen. 

Step 2. Click 'Log in' to log in automatically.

Step 3.  Select the 'Bills & Activity' button ().

Step 4.  All transaction details will be listed below ‘Transactions and Activity’ and will show all calls, SMS and data used within the last 7 days on the account.

Bonus credit is just that – free credit that you receive by participating in promotions, using our products and services, or being one of our valued customers!  It can be used for calls & texts.


There are two ways you can check the bonus credit on your account:  


1. Dial Codes

Every time you qualify to receive bonus credit, a confirmation SMS is automatically sent to you. Here, you are provided with the dial code to verify bonus credit applied to your account.  


2. MyDigicel App

It's easy to check your bonus credit on the MyDigicel App!

Step 1.  Select the MyDigicel app from the app screen.

Step 2.  If you are on Digicel's network, click 'Login' to log in automatically.

Step 3. Once logged into the app to view Bonus Balance. Select ‘Menu Option’ button at the top left hand corner of the app. From the Menu list select ‘Account & Balances’. Scroll Down to view bonus balance.

Step 4. To view what your Bonus Credit can be used for select ‘Bonus credit’.

A data plan or bundle can be activated using of two methods:

  • MyDigicel App
  • Dial *123#

MyDigicel App

Step 1.  Log into the MyDigicel App.

Step 2.  Select the 'Store' option

Step 3. Select 'Plans and Bundles'
Step 4. You can choose between a Prime Ultra Budle or a Mega Data Plan
Step 5. After choosing the plan, click 'Activate Now'.Dial *123#

Step 1. Dial *123# on your phone
Step 2. Select a Prime Ultra Bundle or a Mega Data Plan
Step 3.  Once selected, you will get a notification through SMS that your plan has been activated

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