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Credit on Loan

1. What is credit on loan?

Credit on Loan is a borrow and pay back service which allows customers to borrow credit for calls, texts or plan purchases at an amount designated by Digicel. The amount plus borrowed plus a transaction fee borrowed is paid back to Digicel upon the subscribers next Top Up. 

2. Is this available to all Digicel Subscribers?

No, this is only available to selected PrePaid customers. Not all PrePaid and postpaid subscribers will have access to this service.

3. How do I know if I am eligible? 

Once a customer’s credit balance drops below 50t, an SMS offer will be sent to notifying them the service is available. Only customers who receive this offer via text message are eligible.

4. How can I be eligible for this service?

Customers selected for this service are subscribers that regularly top up via Flex, EVD, etc. and have been on the Digicel network for more than 6months. To be eligible for this service, simply continue to do more Top Up.

5. What can I do with the credit I receive on loan?

The usage of the credit is restricted to calls, texts or plan purchases on their phone. They can also do credit transfer via *128.

6. Does the credit on loan have an expiry?

Yes, like all of Digicel’s Top Up vouchers there is an expiry if you Top Up but do not use the credit. The expiry for Credit on Loan is 24hrs.

7. How is the repayment done if I have opted in for a credit on loan?

Based on the amount borrowed, that amount plus a fee will be deducted on your next Top Up. For example if you were loaned K3, then on your next Top Up K3 plus a service fee of 50t will be deducted. That’s a total of K3.50. 

Repayment can also be partial, for example if you loan K3 and on your next Top Up you purchased K2 of credit, then K1.50 will be deducted. Partial repayment will continue until you debt has been repaid.

8. If I have an outstanding credit on loan, will I be able to get credit on loan again?

No. Until your previous credit on loan is repaid, you will not be able to use this service again.


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Credit on Loan