Better Together This Christmas

Enjoy amazing digital experiences, devices, entertainment, and more chances to win this holiday season.


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Get A Bundle Of Joy 

Switch your number to Digicel and get the Samsung A015 smartphone with a 30 Day Digicel Prime Bundle for only $100. 

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So Many Ways To Stay Connected

More devices this Christmas for a digital lifestyle!

Gift a Samsung A015 smartphone for only $115 and get a 7 Day Digicel Prime Bundle for FREE!

Or get the Samsung A31s smartphone with any Postpaid Digicel prime bundle for only $220


So Many Prizes This Holiday

Keep or gift a prize with cash, vouchers and more with Shake to Win!

Use your bundle or Top Up from $15 for a daily chance and guaranteed win on Saturday


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Switch And Save This Holiday Season

Switch your number and sign up for any Postpaid Digicel Prime Bundle and enjoy the first month FREE! plus no plan deposit.


Better Together This Christmas