Pick & WIn FAQs and T&C


The Digicel “It Takes Two to Win” Promotion


Terms and Conditions


1.     What are the prizes?

The Prize/Prizes are; two boxes of chocolate, two bottles of wine, two  spa vouchers, twe breakfast vouchers, and a dinner for two at Poinciana Restaurant.


2.   Who is eligible to participate in the Promotion? 

a.     Participants must be a prepaid or postpaid mobile Digicel customer from Digicel St. Kitts, and [JH1] must play Pick & Win. To play between Tuesday to Monday during the Promotional Period, participants including any provider of the Prize;

b.     Persons under the age of eighteen (18); and

c.     Persons who do not reside in St. Kitts.must activate an eligible plan in the My Digicel App or pay a postpaid bill on time and in full in the App. On Wednesdays during the Promotional Period, participants will have automatic access to play Pick & Win.

The following customers are excluded from participating in the Promotion:

d.     Any person who, at any time on or after August 1, 2022, was or is a director, officer, employee, or agent of Digicel St. Kitts or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries, divisions, or affiliated companies, franchisees or service agencies, independent contractors or suppliers of services to Digicel St. Kitts;

e.     Families of our employees;

Employees and families of employees of any company associated with this Promotion


3.        Which Digicel Plans are included in the Promotion?

Please see below list of plans that are qualify you to participate in the Promotion (the “Eligible Plans”):

3 Day Prime Plan

7, Day Prime Plan

14 Day Prime Plan

 30 Day Prime Plans


4. How will the Winner be Notified?

     If you win the Prize, you will be directed to a confirmation page showing that you have won. A pop up will also appear on your screen informing you that you have won.


5. How do I gift my prize?

You can gift your ‘Pick & Win’ prize to another Digicel customer by selecting the “Gift” option when your gift appears in the Ap


6. Who Do I Contact If I Have Queries Or Complaints About The Promotion?

For assistance with queries or complaints, please contact: 

·       kncustomercare@digicelgroup.com  

·       Social Media – Facebook (@DigicelStKittsandNevis) , Instagram (digicelskn)·       In app help - (e.g. Ruby)