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TV Help & Support FAQ’s

We are here to help! Visit our Help Center to learn more.

Fibre Optic is not your regular cable. It is made up of flexible, yet durable strands of glass; it redefines the delivery of home entertainment today. Fibre is so powerful that it moves all of your data faster and more securely than regular broadband - a 100 times faster to be exact, rain or shine.

And it gets even better! Fibre optic not only powers your online world, but your entire home. It delivers reliable and amazingly clear call quality plus an ultra-sharp and interactive TV experience that puts you in control of your entertainment.   

First, highlight the channel on either the Mini-Guide or TV Guide menu and then pressing the * button on your remote. A heart will appear next to the channel indicating that it has been added to your favorites.     

If you are interested in pairing your Digicel remote to your TV, you can do so by manually inputting the TV's code. If that doesn't work, you may perform an automatic search. Here are a few steps to help with both methods. 

1. Code Input Setting

2. Automatic Searching Mode

Code Input Setting

  • Step 1. Turn on the TV.
  • Step 2. Locate the 4 digit code of your TV (see the code list here). For example, if your TV's model is 'Revolution HD', the corresponding code is 1199.
  • Step 3. Press the 'Set' button on the remote until the LED lights up, and then release all buttons. You are now in the setting mode.
  • Step 4. Enter the 4 digit code you chose from the codes list. The LED will flash once for every digit entered. When the correct code is entered, the LED will go off and exit setting mode.
  • Step 5. If the wrong code is entered, the LED will flash 3 times and will close the setting mode. If this happens, repeat from Step 4.
  • Step 6. After putting in the codes, test if you are able to use the remote to control the TV. If you can't, choose another set of codes from the code list; Then repeat the first 4 steps (See above) to ensure your remote is working.

Automatic Searching Mode

  • Step 1. Turn on the TV.
  • Step 2. Press 'Set' button until the LED lights up, and then release all buttons. You are now in the setting mode.
  • Step 3. Aim remote to the TV, press "TV Power" until the TV goes off and then release the button.
  • Step 4. Please test other keys on the remote to confirm you are able to use the remote to control your TV.

Note: If no keys are pressed in 20 seconds the LED light will go off to exit Setting Mode.


How to program the Flat White Remote
  • Step 1: Press and hold "STUDY" button until red LED light remains on.
  • Step 2: Press and release "BLUE" power button, red LED light will start to flash.
  • Step 3: Aim Play remote towards customers' TV remote and press TV remote's power button (Play remote red LED light will flash three times quickly then become steady).
  • Step 4: Press study button once to confirm command, have customer test study feature with TV set.

Note: Follow all steps to study other command on the remote (Volume up/down, & input).

1.  Press the On Demand button on your Digicel+ Remote

2. Scroll down to the "Free" menu by using the arrow buttons on your remote

3. Select your favourite Free "Movies" or "TV Series" and press "OK" to enjoy 

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