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Thank you for choosing Digicel+. We are eager to get your service set up promptly. Our goal is to complete the installation within 5-7 business days. However, the exact timing may vary based on demand and your schedule. After we've confirmed the installation date, we will reach out again 24 hours before the appointment. Our representative will verify your availability for the designated time slot (either 8AM - 12PM or 12PM - 5PM) when our technicians will arrive to execute the installation.

You'll receive your initial bill within 15 days after your service activation. Subsequent bills will be sent monthly on your designated billing date, using your chosen delivery method.

Please take a look as we take you through each section on the Digicel+ bill.   

1. Summary of Account

2. Statement of Account Charges

3. Slip for Check/cash Payments. 


1. Billing Address - This is the address the bill is sent to.
2. Account Number – Unique number associated with your account. This number is needed when making payments to your account or when you contact customer care for assistance.
3. Amount Due - Total charges plus any past due amounts owed (if any).
4. Due Date – Full payment must be received on or by this date to avoid late fees of $250+GCT or disconnection.
5. Invoice Number – Helps identify charges and payment periods.
6. Invoice Date – The date the invoice was generated (start of your billing period)



7. Previous Balance - Last billing period’s total amount due.
8. Less Total Payments - Payments made towards last bill (service period).
9. Balance Brought Forward - Amount owing from last bill (service period).
10. Monthly Subscription Charges - Amount required to pay per service period.
11. Total Usage Charges - Any charges not including your monthly subscription.
12. Total Discounts - Total of any discounts applied to account.
13. Tax - G.C.T. & T.C.T.: General Consumption Tax on Data and Calls; and Telephone Call Tax.
14. Total Current Charges - Amount due for this service period inclusive of tax.
15. Total Amount Due - Amount owing for current and past service period.



16. Slip- This section is to be submitted with your check or money order payable to Digicel.
If your bill is higher than expected, this is usually due to one of the following:
• Partial Month Charges (also known as prorated charges) - which can occur if you change your subscription mid-month or if this is your first bill.
• Call Charges - if you make calls outside your monthly allowance these will be charged separately.
• Video on Demand - if you purchase content during the month this will appear on the next bill we generate for you.
• PVR - after an initial free trial period you will be charged for our recording feature on a monthly basis.


Please note: Screenshots are included as a guide - Currency/Figures may differ depending on where you are located.

If this is your first bill, it will include some one time only charges. Don’t worry, assuming you don’t make any further changes to your products and services, the subsequent bills will be as per the package you have purchased.

You are billed for package charges a month in advance. However, on your first bill, you will also be charged on a prorated basis for the part of the month you had service before your first bill would have been generated. This is a one-time-only occurrence.

For example, I am in the billing cycle (15th – 14th) and my service was activated on the 18th of March. So, therefore, I would be charged for services from the 18th of March to the 14th of April, which is 28 days outside of my bill cycle.

Going forward, your bill will be calculated based on your monthly subscription, plus any other charges not included in the monthly subscription. Any, “out of bundle” charges such as chargeable Video on Demand, “out of bundle” phone calls, etc can contribute to your bill being higher than expected as these are not part of your monthly subscription charges.

For example, I have requested to have the Movies+ package added to my account, therefore my bill will be my subscription charges PLUS the cost of the package I would have requested (Movies +).

The most convenient way to pay a bill is through the MyDigicel app.


Step 1.  Open the MyDigicel App.


Step 2.  Select “Bills & Activity,” then select “Make Payment or Add Bill,  ”.


Step 3.  Select "Make Payment".


Step 4.  Enter your account number and the amount you want to pay towards your invoice.


Step 5.  Select your payment method and confirm the payment amount.


Step 6.  Select "Confirm Payment" to finalize the payment. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Please note: Screenshots are included as a guide - Currency/Figures may differ depending on where you are located.