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The most reliable network in Bermuda.

New customers can switch from their current provider. You can keep your current number, and phone or even upgrade to the latest smartphone with us. Switching is easy, fast & simply better.

Current Offers:

Signing up or upgrading to a "Prime Ultra Gold Bundle" will make you eligible for an iPhone 15 Pro On Us!

  • Choose iPhone 15 Pro from the "Device Interest"
  • Choose "Prime Ultra Gold Bundle" from "Plan Interest"

All new customers will get an iPhone 14 or Samsung 23 On Us when signing up for a Prime Ultra Bronze Bundle.

  • Choose iPhone 14 or Samsung S23 from the "Device Interest"
  • Choose "Prime Ultra Bronze" from "Plan Interest"

By simply filling out all the required information, you'll be a step closer to enjoying the benefits of our services. Don't wait, complete the form now, and let us take care of the rest!

One of our experienced agents will be in contact shortly to assist with your inquiry.

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