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So Many Ways to Top Up with Digicel

Easily recharge and stay connected on-the-go with our top-up service.


Stay connected effortlessly with our hassle-free top-up service, guaranteeing you're always reachable when it matters most. Quickly recharge your prepaid account with just a few clicks for uninterrupted communication and convenience.

Top Up Today

Select one of the options below to Top Up Now

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Buy a plan or add credit with a credit card on the Digicel website.


Activate a plan or top up with a debit or credit card on any mobile number.


You can now report if you were overcharged for Top Up.


Retail Locations

There are several Top Up options available at various retail outlets throughout Trinidad and Tobago:


Cards are available nationwide. Just look for the Digicel Top Up sign, make your purchase and follow the simple steps on the back of the card.


Top Up your phone electronically. Purchase your e-Card anywhere you see a Digicel Top Up sign and follow the simple steps on the voucher slip.


Direct Top Up allows Digicel prepaid subscribers to visit specified retail outlets, pay the cashier the amount requested and the Top Up value is sent directly to their phone. No vouchers, no pins.

Customers can purchase any variable value (e.g. $12, $32, $48, etc.) and are not restricted to specific denominations.

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More Ways to Top Up

We are here to help! Chat with us via Live Chat.

Get Top Up sent directly to your phone from family and friends in the USA, UK and Canada. You can also purchase Top Up whilst travelling overseas. Just visit one of the select retail outlets/stores.

Click here for International Top Up Online

The MyDigicel App is available FREE for Android devices via the Google Play store, and for iPhone users via the Apple Store. It is also free to use, that means using the MyDigicel App does not pull from your data bundle. Check your balance, purchase data/voice plans, purchase Top Up and more.

Click here to find out more about the MyDigicel App

Digicel Online Top Up allows you to send credit or prepaid plans to any Digicel prepaid phone via the Digicel website (www.digiceltt.com). All you need is a valid credit card. Just visit the website from your PC or mobile phone, select the ‘Digicel Online Top Up’ option and start sending credit! The Top Up/Plan is received immediately and an SMS confirmation is sent to your phone.

Click here to Top Up Online

Automatic Top Up lets you schedule future Top Ups that will automatically be sent to a specified Digicel customer at a designated time and date. Just select the ‘Automatic’ option from the menu when signed into the Online Top Up site. The customer should then simply fill in the details requested, including the Top Up frequency and time of day and your Top Up will be sent to your phone on the specified days and times.

Click here to Top Up Online


Yooz Top Up allows Digicel customers to Top Up directly from their phone using a Republic Bank (RBL) debit card or ANY credit card. Simply register your RBL debit card or ANY credit card once at a RBL branch or any other authorised YOOZ registration location and then you can Top Up anytime, anywhere. Registration is FREE. Once you’re registered, it’s simple, dial *190*Top Up Amount#. Example dial *190*200# to Top Up with $200 and the amount will be sent directly to your phone. Visit yooz.tt/locations for a full list of YOOZ registration locations.

For more info please click here



Scotiabank gives you 3 convenient ways to Top Up:

1. You can use the Scotiabank mobile app.

2. You can use Scotiabank online.

3. You can Top Up from any conveniently located Scotiabank ATM.