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Dear Valued Customer

At Digicel, we are committed to providing you with excellent mobile services and ensuring that our offerings align with your changing needs and preferences.

In that regard, we are adjusting our mobile plans, effective April 26, 2024.

Why the change?

Over the past few months, we have conducted a thorough analysis of our mobile plans against the changing dynamics of the telecommunications industry. Our goal is to continue offering high-quality services while ensuring that our pricing structure remains fair and competitive.

What are we changing?

  1. Introducing Renewal Pricing:
    • Enjoy discounted rates upon Auto Renewal of your mobile plan, as a token of appreciation for your continued trust in our services.
  2. New 7 and 14-Day Prepaid Plans:
    • Introducing plans tailored based on your needs, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Our My Plans rates will be revised as per the table below:

Current My Plan Name

Current Price
(VAT Inc)

New Plan Name

New Price

(VAT Inc)

Renewal Price (VAT Inc)

30 Day My 175 Plan


D’ Lite Plan



30 Day My 300 Plan


D’ Freedom Plan



30Day My 460 Plan


D' All In Plan




New Prepaid Plans for Your Convenience:

Based on customer feedback, we are enhancing our Plan options to provide more flexibility. We are excited to introduce two new Prepaid Plans – 7 Day (D’Week Plan) and 14 Day (D’Fortnight Plan) that replaces the current 10day plan. These plans are designed specifically for customers who are paid fortnightly, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution tailored to your unique payment schedule.

Plan Name

(VAT Inc)

Renewal Price (VAT Inc)

D’ Weekly Plan 



D’ Fortnight Plan




Short Duration Plans: Save more

We understand the challenges that customers face and have committed to maintaining the existing prices of our current 1 Day and 3 Day Plans, with options to AutoRenew at a lower price as detailed below.

Current My Plan Name

Current Price
(VAT Inc)

New Plan Name

Renewal Price (VAT Inc)

My 1 Day Plan


D' 1 Day Plan


My 1 Day Plus Plan


D’ 1 Day Plus Plan


My 3 Day Plan


D’ Weekend Plan



Plans Discounted Upon Renewal: Rewarding Loyalty

Customers can benefit from loyalty discounts on their plans, once they AutoRenew within 48hours of expiry . To thank you for your loyalty, when you renew your mobile plan, you will automatically benefit from discounted rates. This renewal discount is our way of saying thank you for choosing us as your preferred mobile service provider.

How Does This Impact You?

While there may be slight adjustments to the pricing of some plans, we believe that the maintenance of more affordable short-duration plans and the new 7 and 14-day prepaid options will ultimately provide you with greater value for your investment in our services.

Next Steps: What You Need to Do

  1. Review Your Plan:
    • Take a moment to review our updated mobile plans and familiarize yourself with the new options available. As per usual, plan expiry notices will be sent in advance via SMS.
  2. Explore New Prepaid Plans:
    • Consider the new 7 and 14-Day Prepaid Plans for a more convenient payment option that suits your fortnightly schedule.
  3. Renew Your Plan:
    • When your current plan is due for renewal, enjoy the benefits of our renewal discounts by ensuring that you have enough credit for your plan to renew.
  4. Reach Out for Assistance:
    • If you have any questions or require assistance in understanding the changes, our customer support team is here to help. Feel free to contact us at:
  1. Email: support_tt@digicelgroup.com
  2. Live Chat: https://digicel.ly/Livechat_Tto

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in Digicel. We value your loyalty and are committed to providing you with the best mobile experience.

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