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Postpaid (Old Plans) TCs

Postpaid (Old Plans) Terms and Conditions.


Postpaid Plan FAQs (These plans are no longer available for purchase)

What are the new Unlimited Postpaid Plans and their features?

·         The new Unlimited Postpaid Plans and their features are shown in the table below.




Postpaid 350

Postpaid 550

Postpaid Plus



Unlimited Local Talk + 300 Anywhere Mins

Unlimited Anywhere Mins*

Unlimited Anywhere Mins*



Unlimited Worldwide

Unlimited Worldwide

Unlimited Worldwide








FREE Premium Subscription

FREE Premium Subscription

FREE Premium Subscription




Free Caribbean Roaming Passport

Free Caribbean Roaming Passport plus 2GB USA Roaming


Price (Vat Incl.)






Free 1 Hour Daily Pass

Free 1 Hour Daily Pass

Free 1 Hour Daily Pass


Customers should note the following:


-  Anywhere Minutes apply to Local calls (Digicel, Bmobile and landline), Digicel Caribbean mobile numbers (including Guyana and Jamaica), US, Canada and UK landlines (only).

-  ** Fair usage policy applies. Click here for details

-  Late payment will result in the removal of unused rollover Minutes and Data

-  All prices are VAT Inclusive.

      Customers who have fully utilized their bundles can purchase Add-Ons to the plan to access additional services. If the customer is unable to purchase anymore Add-Ons an automatic message will be sent to call Customer Care by dialing 100.


1.  How can I purchase the new Unlimited Postpaid Plans?

You can purchase the new Unlimited Postpaid Plans via any of our retail stores and by direct sales agents.


2.  Which countries make up the Digicel Caribbean?


-Antigua and Barbuda






-Cayman Islands



-French Guiana






-St. Kitts

-St. Lucia

-St. Vincent and Grenadines

-Turks and Caicos


3.       What are the old Postpaid plans?


Postpaid 199

Postpaid 299 Talk

Postpaid 299 Data


Postpaid Start with 6GB and 300 Anywhere Mins

Postpaid Core with 12GB and 300 Anywhere Mins

Postpaid Plus with 20GB



4.       What happens to my package if I am on one of the old Postpaid plans?

·  If you are on one of the old Postpaid plans (stated in question 4), purchased between 1st December, 2016 to 16th June, 2017 you will remain on that plan that you initially signed up for or you can upgrade to one of our new postpaid plans.

·  If you are on Freedom Postpaid Start, Freedom Postpaid Core, or Freedom Postpaid Plus you will automatically be upgraded to the Postpaid Unlimited plans on the 6th June.


5.       Will my unused minutes and data from my old Postpaid plan rollover?

·         Yes,your unused minutes and your unused data from your old postpaid plan will rollover indefinitely. However, if your account becomes one-way barred (i.e. cannot make calls) due to outstanding payments, your rollover data and minutes will be lost.


6.   Is there another way that I can request a Credit Limit increase?

·         You can also send an email to CEOTT@digicelgroup.com or speak to one of our live chat agents via our website or My Digicel App to request the change* to your Credit Limit. You must supply the following information in the email (Please include in the subject of the email: Temporary Credit Limit ‘Increase’ or ‘Decrease’ depending on request):

-Name on Account

- Phone Number

- Security Q&A

·         Changes will be made in 24 to 48 hours once the qualifying criteria is met**. 

*Temporary changes will last for the period of your current billing month.

** Your account must be in good standing for the last 6 months immediately preceding the request.


7.       What is included in my free Caribbean Roaming Passport package?

·         You will get the following in your free Caribbean Roaming Passport package:-

-  Free Calls to home (Digicel TT, TSTT landlines, Bmobile, FLOW landlines) whilst roaming in the DigiRoam territories.

- Free Incoming Calls from anywhere whilst roaming in any DigiRoam territory except Guyana and Haiti (Guyana attracts an additional fee of $0.34 (VAT Inc.) for incoming calls and Haiti attracts an additional fee of $2.25 (VAT Inc.) for incoming calls)

- Free data in all DigiRoam territories.

- Free SMS to all DigiRoam territories.


8.       Can I purchase more than one roaming plan?

·         Yes; you can purchase an EZ Roam Plan and a Caribbean Roaming Passport Plan at the same time. However, you are not able to purchase two (2) Caribbean Roaming Passport Plans at the same time. You are able to purchase two (2) EZ roam plans at the same time. Purchase must be of the same duration or higher.


9.       What are the DigiRoam territories?

The DigiRoam territories are as follows:-




Antigua and Barbuda









St. Kitts and Nevis

British Virgin Islands

St. Lucia

Cayman Islands

St. Vincent and The Grenadines




Turks and Caicos

French Guiana

El Salvador




10.   Do the new Unlimited Postpaid Plans come with Unlimited Anywhere SMS?

·         Yes; the new Unlimited Postpaid Plans come with Unlimited Anywhere SMS messages.


11.   Where can I call with the Anywhere Minutes voice bundle and Add-On?

·         You can make calls to the following with the Anywhere Minutes voice bundle and Add-On:-

- Any Local number (Bmobile, Digicel, and landlines)

- Digicel Caribbean numbers


- Canada

- UK Landlines


12.   What is included in each of the d’Music subscriptions?

·         The d’Music Premium Subscription which is included in the Unlimited Postpaid plans, has the following included:-

- All access to an unlimited amount of playlists;

- Unlimited access to create your own playlists;

- Stream or download offline all the music you want;

- Multiple account access from any browser (computer, tablet, mobile phone) at www.digicelmusic.com; and

- Search results by track.


Further details on the d’music features of your plan can be found at:



13.   When my bundle is depleted, how do I get more minutes or data?

·         You will receive a notification when your bundle is depleted, which will prompt you to activate an Add-On of minutes or databy dialing *323# or visiting the MyDigicel App.


14.    What Add-Ons are available with these new Unlimited Postpaid plans?

·         The following Add-Ons are available with your new Unlimited Postpaid Plans:

 Minutes Add-Ons 

- 100 Anywhere Mins - $44.44

- 30 ‘Rest of World’ Mins - $44.44

- 50 ‘Rest of World’ – 44.44

- 100 ‘Rest of World’ - $71.11

- 200 ‘Rest of World’ - $106.67


Data Add-On

1GB 4G - $44.44


Roaming Add-Ons

- Enable Roaming at PAYG rates - $0

- EZ Roam 3day - $100

- EZ Roam 7day - $200

- EZ Roam 14day - $300

- EZ Roam 30day - $400

-Caribbean Roaming Passport - $199

All prices are VAT Exclusive


15.   How can I request these Add-Ons?

·         You can request these Add Ons by dialing *323# or using your MyDigicel App.


16.   How often can I purchase these Add-Ons?

·         You can purchase multiple Add-Ons. These Add-Ons will be charged to your bill and the additional minutes or data will be credited to your account.


17.   Is there a limit to the number of Add-Ons I can purchase?

·         There is no limit to the amount of Add-Ons you can purchase, if you receive a message telling you to call Customer Care you can then request to purchase further Add-Ons. You can only purchase these further Add-Ons, when you pay your bill on time.


18.   What happens when I reach my Add-Ons limit?

·         When you reach your Add-Ons limit, you will not be allowed to purchase any more Add-Ons. You will receive an SMS asking you to contact Customer Care by dialing 100 from your handset.


19.   What countries can I call with the 30 ‘Rest of World’ Minutes voice Add-On?

·         You can call any destination outside of the Anywhere Destination with your Rest of World Minutes.

·         Anywhere Destinations are:-

- Local mobile and landline numbers

- US mobile and landline numbers

- Canada mobiles and landlines numbers

- UK landlines numbers only

- Digicel Caribbean countries (as stated at Question 3 above) – i.e. Digicel mobile numbers only (including Jamaica and Guyana)


20.   How will I be charged for the EZ Roaming plan?

·  You will be charged for your EZ Roam Plan on your Postpaid bill as an Add-On.


21.   What will happen if I choose to continue roaming after I have reached my limit?

·  Once you have reached your limit, you will not be able to make any chargeable events. For further information please refer to the website: https://www.digicelgroup.com/tt/en/Roaming.html


22.   Can I activate a Golden number with these new Unlimited Postpaid plans?

· No; you cannot activate a Golden number with these new Unlimited Postpaid Plans.


23.   What is the security deposit required for these new Unlimited Postpaid plans?

·   The security deposit will be equivalent to one month’s subscription fee for these new Unlimited Postpaid Plans.


24.   Can I sign up for any of the old Postpaid plans?

·         No; the old plans are no longer available. You can only sign up or upgrade to the new Unlimited Postpaid Plans.


25.   What are the out of bundle rates for these new Unlimited Postpaid Plans?

·         There are no out of bundle rates for these new Unlimited Postpaid Plans. You will now how have to purchase an Add-On to access any feature outside of your bundle.


26.    Is there a code to check my bundled minutes?

·         The USSD codes to check your bundled minutes and data are as follows:-

Voice minutes- *120*1#


27.    If I have a Blackberry device, can I use the bundled data assigned for my new Unlimited Postpaid Plan?

·         Yes; these plans can be accessed by ALL 4G compatible devices.


28.   What is PlayGo?

·         PlayGo is an online streaming service that allows you access to 17 of the best live local and premium TV channels and more than 3000 options of On Demand content.


29.   What can I watch on PlayGo?

·         You can watch live sports, top quality TV shows and movies on PlayGo on channels including SportsMax 1 & 2, NBA TV, Fight Sports, Catch & Catch 2 and Revolt TV over the internet.


30.   Can I stream in HD on PlayGo?

·         Yes, you can stream in HD on PlayGo.


31.   What is the required internet connection speed?

·         The required internet connection speed is 464 kilobytes per second (kbps). For the best quality, an optimal internet connection speed is required.


32.   What happens if my internet connection speed is not fast enough for PlayGo?


·         If your internet connection speed is not fast enough, PlayGo will adapt to give you the best quality for your internet speed.


33.   Who can use PlayGo?

·         Postpaid Start, Postpaid Core, Postpaid Plus and Prepaid customers can use PlayGo.


34.   What are the PlayGo packages available?

·         The PlayGo packages available are listed in the table below:-


Package Name

PLAYGO Access Time

Price (TTD)

Qty. Per Day

One  Hour daily Pass (First hour of the day)

1 Hour



1 Hour daily Pass

1 Hour

$5.00 (VAT Inc)


24 Hour daily


24 Hours

$15.00 (VAT Inc)



35.   Do I get the first 1 Hour daily Pass free every day?

·         Yes; you will receive the first 1 Hour Pass free everyday with your Postpaid plan.


36.   What happens if I do not use my first 1 Hour free pass for the 24 hour period?

·         If you do not use your 1 Hour free pass for the 24 hour period, you will lose it. However, your free pass will renew everyday.


37.   What happens when my free 1 hour daily Pass is finished?

·         When your free hour pass is finished, you will no longer have access to PlayGo. To continue streaming content, you will have to activate a new 1 hour daily pass for only $5.00 (VAT Inc.) or a 24 Hour daily pass for $15.00 (VAT Inc.) via the MyDigicel App or *323#. Once you have purchased these passes any streaming of content on PlayGo will not use data from your Postpaid data bundle.  You can also choose to use your Postpaid data to continue enjoying your streaming experience instead of buying one of these passes.


38.   When will the time on my 1 hour daily pass start?

·         The time on your 1 Hour daily pass will start at the beginning of your viewing session.


39.   When will the time on my 24 hour daily pass start?

·         The time on your 24 hour daily pass will also start at the beginning of your viewing session.


40.   Can I purchase multiple PlayGo packages at the same time?

·         No; you cannot purchase multiple PlayGo packages at the same time. However, you can purchase an unlimited amount of 1 hour passes in a 24 hour period.


41.   How often can I activate a free 1 hour daily Pass?

·         You can activate a free 1 hour daily Pass every day, once you have an active Postpaid plan. Your free 1 Hour daily pass expires at 11:59:59pm each day for the duration of your active Postpaid plan.


42.   Must my Postpaid Plan be in good standing to be able to access the PlayGo package?

·         Yes, your Postaid Plan must be in good standing in order to access the PlayGo package.


43.   What happens to my PlayGo access, if I pay by Postpaid bill 1 month late?

·         Your access to the PlayGo app will be blocked if you pay your Postpaid bill 1 month late.


44.   PlayGo comes free with my Postpaid Plan – but do I have to pay extra for the data that is used while accessing it?

·         No; you do not have to pay extra for access. There are no extra fees for using PlayGo, when you have a Postpaid plan, you are able to enjoy 1 Hour free PlayGo per day. Once your 1 hour is depleted, you will have the option of purchasing an additional 1 hour pass or a 1 day pass to continue enjoying PlayGo services at a very low cost.



45.   Would the data from my Postpaid plan be used to stream PlayGo when I purchase these packages listed above?

·         No; You will be able to stream on PlayGo with no depletion of data from your bundle. For example, if you purchase the 1 Hour Daily Pass you will be able to stream for 1 hour without your data being depleted.


46.   If I’m streaming a video and my package expires during the video would the data usage come out of my Postpaid Plan?

·         Yes, once your PLAYGO package has expired, the data usage from streaming will come out of your existing Postpaid Plan. However, you will be notified via a pop up message and an SMS message 5 minutes before your PLAYGO package expires and again at 0 minutes. At this point, you will be provided with the option to either purchase another PLAYGO package or continue using your allotted data from your  Postpaid plan or use WiFi.


47.   How do I access PlayGo?

·         You can access PlayGo by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It will be available regardless of who your current mobile provider is. You can also access PlayGo via the Digicel website at https://www.digicelgroup.com/tt/en/apps/playgo.html or by visiting the “More Apps” section of the MyDigicel App.


48.   Am I able to use PlayGo with a Wi-Fi connection?

·         Yes, you can use PlayGo with a Wi-Fi connection however, you are required to purchase a PlayGo subscription or to have a Postpaid plan active which will give you FREE subscription.


49.   If I’m not on a Postpaid plan can I access PlayGo?

·         Yes, if you are not on a Postpaid plan you can access PlayGo by activating a Quick Pick Bundle or via the 14 day free subscription trial. Your subscription fee will be waived for the duration of the trial, but your data will be depleted if you are not on Wi-Fi while you are using the PlayGo app. After your trial has expired, you will have to pay a subscription fee of US $4.99 (TT $33.68) per month to have access to the PlayGo app for 30 days.


50.   What channels can I watch as part of the free subscription trial?

·         During the free trial period you will have access to all content available on Play Go as stated above.


51.   What countries can I access PlayGo in?

·         PlayGo is available across the Caribbean and Central America in Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Panama, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks and Caicos.


52.   How long does my subscription last with my PlayGo package?

·         Once you are on an active Postpaid plan, your subscription will last for the duration of your applicable PlayGo package. If you are not on a Postpaid plan, you can access PlayGo when you purchase a Quick Pick Bundle or a 30 day subscription at the price stated above.


53.   What devices can I use to stream PlayGo?

·         You can use your Android Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets to stream PlayGo.


54.   What is the minimum requirement for my devices to be able to access PlayGo?

·         The minimum requirements for your devices to be able to access PlayGo are listed below:-

-Android Devices - Android OS 4.1 and above

- Apple iOS Devices for iPad and iPhone - iOS 8.0 and above

- Not sure what version you’re running?  Check your ‘Settings’.


NB. If your device was purchased within the last three (3) years it should be compatible with the PlayGo app. If you are not sure what version of Operating System you have, you can check it under “Settings” at “About device” for Android devices and for Iphone devices you can check it under “Settings” at “General” and “About”.


55.   How do I use PlayGo on my computer or laptop?

·         You can use PlayGo on your computer or laptop by typing www.digicelplaygo.com in your browser and clicking on the direct download link and follow the setup instructions.


56.   I don’t have a Digicel ID, what do I do?

·         If you do not have a Digicel ID, click on the ‘Register’ option in the PlayGo app and follow the instructions. Connect with your Digicel ID/Sign Up for Digicel ID. If you use the mobile data network to access PlayGo, you will be automatically signed into the app.


57.   I am already a Digicel Play customer. Can I use PlayGo?

·         Yes, you can use PlayGo if you are already a Digicel Play customer. You will have to download the app in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and activate any one of our Quick Pick Bundles, Postpaid plans or a PlayGo subscription.


58.   How many devices can I use the PlayGo app at the same time?

·         You can connect as many devices as you wish.  However, you will only be able to watch TV on one of the devices at a time, so keep this in mind if you plan to share an account with your household. If you try several times to watch TV, it will result in an error message stating that you are “Unable to login. Too many connections”. Once received, you are required to end any other active session and retry your login.


59.   Can I use PlayGo when I travel?

·         Yes; you can use PlayGo when you travel. However, you will only be able to access it via a Wi-Fi connection. Your PlayGo package on a mobile network connection will only be accessible in the country where you subscribed to it. It will not work while you are roaming in another country.


60.   How will I know when to renew my subscription?

·         We will let you know when it’s close to the end of your subscription. Two notifications will be sent as reminders via Flash SMS and SMS. The first reminder will be sent once you have 5 minutes remaining of your 1 hour Free and the second notification will once there is 0 minutes remaining.


61.   Can I download content on the PlayGo app to watch later?

·         No; you cannot download content on the PlayGo app to watch later. Currently, content is only available to watch live.


62.   What content can I view as part of the PlayGo app?

·         You will have access to all the live channels and On Demand content available on the PlayGo app.


63.   I just bought a Unlimited Postpaid plan, how do I watch Live TV on PlayGo?

·         Firstly, make sure you have the PlayGo and the MyDigicel App downloaded on your mobile device. Then just sign in with your Digicel ID.

·         Once you sign in with your Digicel ID, open the My Digicel App to view your Add-ons, then select ‘1 Hour Daily Free PlayGo’ to activate your pass. After you have activated your pass, open the PlayGo App to begin streaming.


64.   How do I get more than 1 hour to enjoy PlayGo?

·         Upon the expiry of your first 1 hour you can activate another 1 hour daily pass at $5.00 (VAT Inc.) or a 24 hour daily pass at $15.00 (VAT Inc.) via the MyDigicel App if you don’t want your streaming experience to end after an hour.


65.   Can I activate the 1 hour daily pass using a short code e.g. *323#?

·         No; this pass is only available via the MyDigicel App.


66.   If have an active paid subscription for PlayGo and just signed up for a Postpaid plan, can I get a refund on my existing PlayGo subscription?

·         No; you will not get a refund, however your new free subscription with the PlayGo packages means that you will not be charged for the data used while your Postpaid plan is active.


67.   My Postpaid plan is inactive, how do I regain access to the PlayGo packages?

·         You must be on an active Postpaid plan to have access to the PlayGo packages, your bill must be paid in full to regain access.



68.   Does pausing my active stream also pause the timer on my free 1 hour pass subscription?

·         Yes; if you pause your active viewing session, the session is still active, however it will not deplete from your 1 Hour daily pass. You have been allotted extra data to accommodate this.


69.   Can I connect my PlayGo Stream to a SmartTV?

·         Yes, you can. You can connect your PlayGo via an HDMI cable as well as from your mobile device. This will be dependent on the handset type e.g. Samsung S5 has a feature called Screen mirror which displays images, video and audio that is on the phone, on your Smart TV.


70.   Will Pay As You Go charges start automatically when my data from my bundle depletes during a streaming session?

·         No; it will not start automatically. If your 1 hour daily pass or 24 hour daily pass has expired and you are not in a Wi-Fi area, you will be charged Pay As You Go data at $2.25/MB. Please note that you will be notified before Pay As You Go is activated and we will require your approval before proceeding.


71.   Additional Terms and Conditions


·         The Unlimited Postpaid Plans are offered for the personal use of individuals and not commercial use or usage by groups of individuals. Any usage at all by an individual that in Digicel’s sole discretion is intended for financial gain or profit by you or by groups of individuals will result in the immediate termination of the Unlimited Postpaid Plans.


·         Digicel reserves the right to terminate the Unlimited Postpaid Plans forthwith if in its sole opinion the plans are being abused.


·         Digicel reserves the right to modify or discontinue (permanently or temporarily) the Unlimited Postpaid Plans being offered to its customer at its discretion.


·         Digicel reserves the right to at any time, with or without the notice, to vary or cancel the terms and conditions of its Unlimited Postpaid Plans. In the event of Digicel giving notice to customers of any such changes to or cancellation of the New Unlimited Postpaid Plans, it shall suffice for Digicel to give customers notice via messages to customer’s handset/device or to post such notification on Digicel’s website. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notification.


·  Subject to the above, the standard Postpaid Terms and Conditions and Digicel’s Fair Usage Policy shall apply.

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