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WhatsApp 8AM – 8PM daily: Click Here

Live Chat with us 24/7: Click Here


Current Hours:

From your Digicel mobile phone, dial

100 for Mobile queries, 8am - 8pm

500 for Digicel+ queries, 8am - 8pm

600 for Digicel Business queries, 24/7


From your fixed/land line / Outside of Trinidad (International):  +1 868 399 9999


From any other phone, dial:

399-9999 for Mobile, 8am - 8pm

866-7587 for Digicel+, 8am - 8pm

299-6000 for Digicel Business, 24/7



Operating Hours

Corporate Address:
11C Maraval Road,
Port of Spain, Trinidad
8:00 am to 5:00 pm


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