Valued Customer;

In order to provide you with the best Digicel+ services, we will be doing upgrades. Please check your mobile device for further details on the date and time.

To ensure you have been fully reconnected to your Ports after the upgrades, please follow the steps below.

Thank you once again for your patience while we improve your Digicel+ services



Steps to Connect to Port Forwarding

Step 1:

Ensure to connect to your Digicel wifi.

Step 2:

In your web browser, type in

The below screen will come up.

NOTE: If you never changed your password, use the default credentials below.

·  In the Account field enter: Digicel

·  In the Password field enter: Digicel


Step 3:

Select Forward Rules

Step 4:

Click “New” to create a rule.

The below screen will be seen.


Step 5:

In the Internal IPv4 Address you will need search for the IP address. To locate this:

1. Go to your device settings (e.g Camera, DVR, Gaming system)

2. Look for Wifi settings & then IP address.


Step 6:  Enter the IP address seen in the “Internet IPv4 Address” field

Step 7: Enter the your port number from your device in the “Internal Port” field

Step 8: Change “Protocol” to TCP

Step 9: Change “Allow PC Port Proposal to “Y”


Once the port is opened, you will see PCP Server Result Code is Success.


If you experience any issues, please contact us:

·  Live Chat: https://digicel.ly/Livechat_Tto

· Digicel Phone: 500

· Any other phone: 866-7587