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Dear Valued Customer

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the quality and reliability of your Digicel+ experience, we must adjust the pricing of certain products within our portfolio, as well as roll out new service packages starting from June 1, 2024.

Due to increased content costs from our international suppliers and the growing expenses associated with off-island internet traffic, primarily fuelled by the rising usage of Android TV boxes, Netflix, and other over-the-top (OTT) services, our network faces additional strain. Therefore, we're compelled to implement adjustments accordingly.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of two new 1Gbps plans which will elevate your internet experience to new heights.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and continued loyalty as we work to provide you with the best possible service on Trinidad and Tobago's most reliable network.

You can reach us via email at support_tt@digicelgroup.com , through live chat on our website https://digicel.ly/Livechat_Tto , or on the MyDigicelApp. We're here to support you every step of the way.


Warm regards,

The Digicel+ Team



What are the price changes Digicel+ is announcing?




Fibre 200



Fibre 350



Fibre 500



Modern Fibre 200



Modern Fibre 200+



Modern Fibre 350



Modern Fibre 500




What are the new plans Digicel+ is announcing?



Fibre 1000


Modern Fibre 1000



Why is Digicel+ adjusting prices?  
Increases in content cost by our suppliers, and the growing cost of off-island internet traffic – resulting from higher and higher volumes of Internet traffic driven by android TV boxes, Netflix etc. – means we must pass some of these costs on to our customers.
Will there be any changes to my subscription? 
No, unlike last year, we have not increased internet speeds or added content (except for a very small percentage of customer – see “Why was my plan changed?”). We have taken this decision to ensure that any increases in price for our services was kept to a minimum.

Will I be impacted by these pricing changes? 
All subscribers on the following plans will see a change to their monthly invoice.
Price Reductions
Fibre 350
Fibre 500
Modern Fibre 350
Modern Fibre 500

Price increases
Fibre 200
Modern Fibre 200
Modern Fibre 200+

New Plans
Fibre 1000
Modern Fibre 1000

Why is Digicel+ decreasing prices on some plans? 
We recognized that we didn’t offer our customers affordable access to higher internet speeds. With these price changes we aim to address this. 

When will the price increase take effect? 
The price increase will take effect on a customer’s standard monthly billing date during the month of June. As an example, if your bill is issued on the 8th of every month, then the change in price associated with your account will become effective on that date. 

Can subscribers downgrade their plans after the price increase? 
Digicel+ customers have the option to change their plan, either upgrade or downgrade, at any time and at no cost. 

Can I terminate my service
Digicel+ customers sign a 12month contract when they become a customer. During a period of price changes, any customer can choose to discontinue their service without the contract being enforced.  A customer is still liable for any outstanding balance on their account at the time of terminating their service and they are also required to return any Digicel+ equipment in their possession.

If I terminate service, can I get it back at a later date?
Due to the popularity of the reliable service Digicel+ provides, we have areas where we do not have the ability to connect more customers. We therefore cannot commit to be able to return service to anyone who decides to terminate our service.

How will customers be notified? 
All customers who are impacted by any planned changes will be notified via the website (Official Notice), and directly via an email or SMS. If you have changed your phone number or email address since you became a D+ customer, please reach out to customer care to have them updated. 

Will there be price changes next year?
We currently do not have plans to make any changes to our pricing next year.

Why am I not getting the speed associated with my plan?
The speed we deliver is to the router installed in your house. When using WiFi speeds may vary, especially the more devices that are connected. Our current routers can deliver speeds of up to 500Mbps over WiFi. We will be upgrading routers for customers on 500Mbps or greater plans over the next few months.
We also offer Smart Wifi devices that can be used to extend the signal throughout the home.  

Given the price increase, would I get money back when there is an outage? 
We continue to work diligently to maintain a reliable network, however external factors out of our control can cause outages from time to time. In instances where outages occur, we make every effort to minimize the impact to our subscribers and restore service within our agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as per your contract with us. If our SLA is breached, then we always ensure that the appropriate rebates are applied to all affected customers. 

Why was my plan changed?
In a small number of cases we have migrated customers to higher speeds as we were able to do so while still passing on a discount to their monthly bill. 

What if I have an existing discount?
The discounts of 19.46% or 40.27% will no longer be applicable. Instead, the plan price has been reduced to eliminate the necessity for discounts.

If you have a senior citizen discount, you will continue to see it applied to your invoice.

When will customers be notified? 
Customers will be notified on May 1st 2024.

How can I talk to a Digicel rep to get additional information or enquire about my specific account?
Please live chat with us by clicking this link: 

You can also send an email to: support_tt@digicelgroup.com 
Or dial 500 from your Digicel mobile phone. 




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