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PlayGo De-Commissioning

Frequently Asked Questions


1.     Why is Digicel removing PlayGo? Given the challenges in creating and maintaining a successful video streaming application that meets our consumer users’ expectations, we decided to decommission the PlayGo app. We are committed to focusing on our Digital efforts, and will be launching new services for our Digicel Prime bundles to customers from July 29, 2022. 


2.     When will I no longer be able to access the app? 

The app will be decommissioned on July 31, 2022. Any user with an existing plan will be able to use the app until July 31, 2022.  


3.     Will I have to manually delete the app from my phone? 

Yes, after July 29, 2022, the app will no longer be accessible. You will receive a message when you attempt to open or use the app after this date to advise you to delete. 


4.     What happens if I did not get to cancel my auto renewal before to July 29?  If your plan will expire after June 29, you will not be able to renew your plan, however you will access to PlayGo until your plan expires. 


5.     What will happen to my login information and data? All customer login information will be removed from our databases. 


6.     Will I be able to pay a subscription for other video streaming apps with Digicel credit? No, customer will need to use their credit card to sign up for these third party apps individually. 


7.     Will Digicel offer any other video streaming apps to watch to movies or Live TV? 

No, we will not have another Digicel Video Streaming app available for movies and Live TV Channels. However, you can check out our SportsMax app which offers Live streaming of a variety of sporting events including cricket, football, basketball, tennis and much more.


8.     Will other video streaming apps be added to my Prime Bundle to replace PlayGo?  

Yes, data for streaming video and movies on Youtube and HBOMAX will now be added to Prime Bundles.


9.     Will my data allotment remain the same? Yes, you data allotment for your select Prime Bundle will remain the same.


10. How I gain access to these video streaming apps? Digicel will only offer data allotment to use these apps, sign up for the apps is based on third party subscription, which will be the responsibility of the customer.  


11. Will my Prime Bundle cost change? There will be no price change for your Prime Bundle.


12. Will there be standalone data plans for Youtube or HBO Max? No there will not be any stand-alone plans available for these third party apps.


13. How much data will I get in my Prime Bundle to video stream Youtube or HBO Max ? 

14. How many hours can I video stream?

This depends on your selected prime bundle as well as the quality of the stream. The higher the quality, the more data you will consume when video streaming.


15. I am already subscribed to HBO Max, how does this affect me? No this will not affect your existing subscription. 


16. I don’t use Youtube or HBO MAX  for streaming video, can I add the app that I use to the bundle? Unfortunately no at this particular moment.


17. I am a postpaid customer. Do I get bundled data for streaming Youtube or HBO Max as well? Yes, this is based on the postpaid plan subscription.


18. What is Youtube ? YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. The video service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and via mobile phones.


19. What is HBO MAX ? HBO Max is a premium streaming app that combines all of HBO with even more must-see TV series, blockbuster movies, and exclusive Max Originals. With unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment, we've got something for everyone in your family.



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