Hour On Us

"Get One On Us" Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I got a message stating, “Your first Hour is on US! “What is this about?

     Any prepaid customer activating a 7 or 30 day prime bundle gets one hour of unlimited

     Data and local calls automatically from the start of their prime bundle.


2. How long does this last, is this a promotion?

Yes, this is a promotion however no end date has been decided.


3. What does this plan come with?

  This plan provides unlimited data and local calling for 1 hour.


4. When does the free hour start and can I choose when the hour is used.

   The Free hour is automatically activated once a 7 or 30 day plan activates and can’t activated manually.


5. Does the Free hour plan reactivate when my plan renews?

    Yes, the Hour on Us plan activates whenever plan transits to a 7 or 30 day prime plan

    Or prime plan Auto renews.


6. How can I check the balance on the Unlimited Hour plan?

   Hour on Us is unlimited hence balance check is not available.



7. How will I know when my hour has started and when my hour ends?

   You will received an sms when your hour starts and ends



8. What happens when Hour on Us ends?

    Customer will be changed from their active Prime bundle for continued use of data or making calls.