Buying a SIM is as easy as 1,2,3!


SIM TO GO is a pre-packaged SIM you can purchase at select retailers and service stations.

Hassle free:

No more long wait. Simply pick up a SIM to GO from your local retailer and start using it right away. Activation is a breeze! Just insert your SIM into your device, follow a few simple steps, and you are ready to connect with everyone, everywhere using any of our flexible prepaid plans!


Get connected for only $750. SIM to GO gives you great value for money.


Need a new SIM card urgently? Look no further than your local gas station, pharmacy, or retailer.

For Everyone:

Whether you're a tourist, student, or professional, SIM to GO is made right for everyone!

SIM Benefits


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300 Loval Voice Mins
6GB Any-Use Data
10GB Social Data

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SIM Benefits

16GB | $750

Any Use Data

6 GB


  • Loval Voice Mins


  • Any-Use Data


  • Social Data


Any Questions?

We are here to help! Visit our Help Center to learn more

Digicel SIM-TO-GO is a pre-packaged kit, containing one (1) SIM card, which allows customers to register unto Digicel’s network at their convenience after purchasing the Product at any authorized Digicel sales location. With the purchase of the Product, you will be rewarded with a FREE 3-DAY Prime Bundle.

Before proceeding to register your SIM card, you understand and agree that you must have a valid national identification. This is a government-issued identity card with your photograph that has not expired.


You agree that all the steps below must be completed in order to register and activate your SIM card:


Step 1- Scan the QR Code or visit the website located on the inside of the SIM kit to access the activation portal from any internet-enabled device.


Step 2-  Follow all the instructions provided on the activation portal to complete the SIM card registration.


Step 3-  Complete the customer declaration to certify that the information provided by you during the registration process is true and complete to the best of your knowledge.


Step 4- Carefully remove the SIM card from its holder and place it in the slot provided in your mobile phone. Turn on your phone and dial 122 to activate your account as soon as possible. If your SIM card is not activated within seven  (7) days it will be automatically deactivated and you will have to purchase a new SIM card to gain access to Digicel’s network. 


Yes. You are required to register your Digicel SIM-TO-GO within 7 days of activation.

You will not be able to make any chargeable activities (calls, text messages) or receive any calls or texts until you have successfully registered your SIM card. However, you will be able to contact and receive calls from Digicel’s customer care.