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This programme is being done in collaboration with Living Water Community and New life Ministries Rehabilitation Centre. The programme introduces Aquaponics; an organic food production system that combines hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aquaculture (rearing marine animals) in a symbiotic system. The aim of the intervention is to assist with therapy and to provide a vocational skill to rehabilitating drug addicts. The Aquaponics programme also acts as an income generator for the Rehab Centre and for Living Water Community to continue their good humanitarian and community development work.

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Zippy’s Friends is an emotional literacy programme for children between the ages of 5-8 years old. Digicel Foundation partnered with the School Leadership Centre of Trinidad and Tobago to implement Zippy’s Friends in 37 primary schools in 2013-2014. Zippy and his friends encourage the children to come up to solutions for everyday problems that they may encounter. The programme explores topics in Feelings, Communication, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Making & Breaking relationships, Dealing with Change and Loss & Coping. Now the programme is being expanded to include 20 more schools and will include a parenting component for all 57 schools in this new academic year 2014-2015.

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Digicel Foundation Kaleidodash

Our annual 5K run/walk is a celebration of life and colour while encouraging inclusion and building awareness of persons with Special Needs. This year, Kaleidodash was bigger and better with over 3,000 participants inclusive of 300 persons with Special Needs participating. The only event of its kind in the Caribbean; this year’s theme ‘Just Like You’; is a campaign which aims to synergize persons with special needs with those without. The intention is to build awareness with a huge thrust toward promoting inclusion. ‘Just like You’ aims to promote the successes and real life achievements of persons with special needs. It speaks to the fact that just like you…they too have success stories, social needs and long for opportunities available to all citizens. Just like you…they need to be included. Digicel Kaleidodash…did just that...

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