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Digicel Launches Satellite Internet for Rural & Remote Areas


Apia, Samoa – Wednesday, 15th October 2021: Digicel has launched its next-generation satellite broadband service – Digisat - that will provide universal data connectivity at an affordable rate in rural and remote communities.


Satellite internet makes connectivity possible, wherever you are as you gain access to the world without having to sacrifice speed or because of where you live.


Digicel Samoa CEO, Deepak Khanna, said; “You will get great value and more high-speed internet connectivity for your money with Digisat. Our customers are counting on us to provide them with access to high-speed broadband service. We understand how important this is to them, that's why, as their digital lifestyle partner, we're investing more in our LTE network so that they can do more in terms of their education and work needs.”


“The future of education and work is digital, this is why staying true to our promise of deepening rural high-speed internet penetration via mobile and our LTE home service is so important to us, because it ensures that no one gets left behind,” added Deepak.


“Digicel’s remote community Wi-Fi will provide broadband services to rural households and businesses that are currently without access to the internet. Digicel is adding value to the solution by providing Green power solutions, Wi-Fi vouchers with access to our suite of apps - MyCash, D’Music, BiP, Billo, PlayGo and GoLoud. Government officials, health centers and schools and even remote businesses are able to customize and add more ICT solutions from Digicel Business to enable them to connect and communicate efficiently in remote areas,” commented Deepak.


Samoans living in rural areas appreciate the many advantages offered by access to telecommunications. Rural entrepreneurs will immediately realise how telecommunications could help their businesses.


“The general feeling is that telecommunication makes life easier - now we don’t have to travel distances to stay connected, telecommunications enable us to connect everywhere,” concluded Deepak.