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Shake to Win Promotions

What is the “Shake to Win with Digicel” Promotion?

Digicel is offering its prepaid customers the opportunity to participate in the “Shake to Win Promotion” subject to these terms and conditions. This promotion has three components namely:

  1. Daily Shake it with My Digicel App;
  2. Weekly Shake it- Guaranteed win on Saturday
  3. Radio Competition

The Shake it component of the Promotion allows you to WIN prizes by shaking your phone via the Shake It gaming mechanism in the My Digicel App. Each participating customer will have an opportunity to win prizes daily and weekly upon meeting an eligibility criteria.

Customers may also participate in the Promotion by conducting a qualifying activity that will allow entry into the Grand Prize Competition component of the Promotion.



Breakfast Show Quiz Winners- $100 Credit

Listeners (Digicel customers) will be contacted by Magik FM, MyFM and Malo FM to stand a chance to win on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the Digicel Breakfast Shows. 5 Winners will be able to Win $100 credit by answering “Shake to win with Digicel” when they are called. Customers would have to text in to radio station short code to participate.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 5 Winners from each station winning $100 credit.

Monday to Friday on MyFM Radio: Cash Call 9x customers for a chance to win $50 Cash or more.

Cash Call Winners- $19,500 Cash Prizes in Total

The Cash Call component will allow customers who have purchased an eligible plan on MyDigicel app to qualify for a daily draw to become one of 9 numbers to be called on live radio every hour from Monday to Friday (7am – 4pm) for their chance to win $50 cash prize. Receivers should answer their phones with keyphrase “Shake to win with Digicel”, should customer answer incorrectly, the $50 cash prize will be accumulated to the next hour’s call. PLEASE REFER to CALL TIMESLOTS


Monday to Friday- every hour from 7am – 4pm

Exclusively on MyFM Radio and TV1- all customers who have purchased an eligible plan on the MyDigicel app or *123# menu will be in the daily draw. 9 numbers will randomly be selected and Radio Host will call each number per hour. Customer should answer with the keyphrase ‘Shake to win with Digicel’ in order to win $50 cash. Should the customer answer incorrectly, the $50 cash will be accumulated to the next hour.


Radio Giveaway Prize Winners 

 Digicel will credit the customer’s mobile once winner is confirmed by the radio station.

  • The Weekly Winners of cash will be paid in mobile money which may be collected at their nearest Digicel store or Head Office at SNPF Plaza on Level 2
  • All Handset Prizes (Daily & Weekly) are to be collected at SNPF Plaza Main Office Level 2 and Savaii Main Store- Frankie’s Flagship


  • In the event that a special needs customer is selected and they are unable to collect their prize, that customer will be allowed to have a representative collect the prize on their behalf who must provide: written consent from the winner endorsed by a Justice of the Peace and valid Government issued photo identification for both the winner and the representative to claim the prize.


  • Minors under the age of 18 years (must also present a valid school ID or Passport), are eligible for this Promotion but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must also present a National photo ID along with the birth certificate of the said minor when redeeming their prizes.

The Promotion prize pool will consist of Instant Win Prizes and Other Prizes, for the MyDigicel App, Shake it & Radio Giveaway elements of the promotion, outlined below:

“Instant Win” Prizes: Guaranteed Win; Saturday

  • 500Mb for 24 hours
  • 1GB for 3 days
  • Daily $5 AIO ; 50 Mins ; 100 SMS and 1GB Data + 1GB for PlayGo
  • Weekly $10 AIO ; 100 mins, 125 text, 1.25GB & 1.25GB Playgo.
  • 30 International Minutes- valid for 24 hours
  • 60 Minutes Talk to Digicel Numbers for 24 hours
  • 200 SMS to Digicel Numbers for 24 hours.
  • PlayGo Weekly Plan
  • PlayGo Monthly Plan

Other” Prizes:

  • 1 x $5000 CASH- for Guaranteed Win Saturday (ONE-OFF PRIZE)
  • 1x $500 CASH for Guaranteed Win Saturday (dates in next question)
  • 1x $100 CASH for Guaranteed Win Saturday (dates in next question)

1 x $50 Cash and 1 x 4G DL3 Smartphone Daily

Shake to Win; Guaranteed Win; Saturday.

Saturday, January 11th

Saturday, January 18th

Saturday, January 25th

Saturday, February 1st

Saturday, February 8th

Saturday, February 15th

 Saturday, February 22nd

Saturday, February 29th

Saturday, March 7th

Saturday, March 14th

Saturday, March 21st

Saturday, March 28th

1.    Will customers be notified when they have received a prize?

Yes, customers will be notified via SMS and In App notification for Instant Win Prizes. See below sample confirmation text message.

Sample: “Your FREE <prize> is now active. You have received <XX>MB valid for XX days. Check your prize validity on My Digicel App any time here:”

Customers will be notified via SMS and In App notification as follows:

  • A voucher with a picture of the prize (for illustrative purposes only);
  • A description of the prize with a QR code; and
  • A telephone number to contact Digicel to arrange prize collection.  


2.    What will customers need in order to claim Other Prizes?

  • Winners must present a valid Government issued photo ID (passport, voters’ identification card or driver’s licence) and the Digicel sim on which the winning call was received on. Customer will be required to complete and sign a Redemption Form confirming their receipt of their prize for the Shake it aspect.

What is the promotional period for the Promotion?

The Shake to Win promotion is valid from Friday, 10 January 12:00AM through to March 31st, 2020 at 11:59pm.


3.     Which customers are excluded from participating in this Promotion?

a.     Post-paid Corporate & Business account customers;

b.     Employees/families of employees (spouse & children) and

c.     Digicel TV and Home Internet Customer’s.


4.     Who is eligible to enter the Shake it component of the Promotion?

In order to be eligible for the Shake it  element of the Promotion, you must be a Digicel customer with an active Digicel prepaid bundle or plan from the selection of “Eligible Plans” as defined below. This includes customers who activate a new Eligible Plan during the promotional period as well as customers on an existing Eligible Plan.

How does an eligible customer win prizes in the Shake It element of the Promotion?

Once a customer activates one of the selected plans below, then signs in to the MyDigicel App, sees the ‘shake it’ icon and shakes their device they will stand a chance to win a daily or weekly prize.

N.B. Each day beginning Friday 10th January, customers who adhere to the qualifying criteria (outlined above) for the Shake it element, will stand a chance to win daily prizes. 

One (1) customer who adheres to the qualifying criteria for the Shake it element of the Promotion that signs in and shakes their device from 6:00pm to 11:59pm daily, will be selected within the MyDigicel App for the daily cash prizes of $50 Cash paid in Mobile money and DL3 4G Device.

The winner will be selected and notified via the MyDigicel App and will be contacted by a Digicel representative.


5.     Which Digicel prepaid bundles/plans are eligible for the My Digicel App Shake it component of the Promotion?

Please see below list of plans that are eligible for the My Digicel App, Shake it element of the Promotion (the “Eligible Plans”):


Prepaid Plans

Seki Data Plans both renewal and auto renewal

  • Daily $3 for 500Mb
  • 3 day $5 for 1GB
  • Weekly $10 for 2.5GB
  • 15 Day $20 for 6GB
  • Monthly $50 for 15GB


All in One Plans both renewal and Auto renewal

o   Daily Plans and Weekly Plans

Cheehoo Mixed Plans

·         Daily Plans and Weekly Plans

Unlimited Calls & Texts Plans

o   Daily $3 for Unlimited Calls & Texts

o   $1 for 1 Hour ; Unlimited Calls & texts


Play Go Premium Plans

o   $5 for 24 hours

o   $10 for 3 days

o   $15 for 7 days

o   $40 for 30 days


D’Music Plans

o   Top Chart Daily for $0.50

o   Top Chart Weekly for $2.50

o   Top Chart Monthly for $8.00

o   Premium Daily for $1.00

o   Premium Weekly for $5

o   Premium Monthly for $15

o   Premium Daily with for $1.00

o   Premium Weekly for $5

o   Premium Monthly for $15

o   Premium Daily + 500Mb for  $1.00

o   Premium Weekly + 1.5GB for $6

o   Premium Monthly + 4GB for $17.50


Post-paid plans are excluded and temporally unavailable for the promotion.

Customers can also find the list of eligible plans in the Shake It section of the App identified with the Shake It Icon {}.  As such plans listed in the MyDigicel App that do not have the Shake It icon are excluded from the Promotion.


6.    How does a customer participate in the Shake it aspect of the Promotion?

  • To participate in the Promotion you will need to have activated an Eligible Plan via one of the following channels:

1.     MyDigicel App

2.     USSD/UMM (by dialing *123#)

  • Eligible Customers will see the Shake It icon {}, inviting them to participate in the Promotion.
  • By clicking on the Shake It icon {} and accepting the terms and conditions of same, the customer has confirmed their participation in the Promotion.

  • Once an Eligible Customer agrees to participate in the promotion, they can then Shake To Win!
  • Please note the Shake It action must be completed in the MyDigicel App.
  • The Promotion includes a “Guaranteed Win” day (subject to the applicable Promotion terms and conditions as outlined below) on Saturdays and “Chances to Win” on every other day.

Guaranteed Win: Every Saturday during the promotional period, customers who have an active Eligible Plan will receive a SMS push and/or an In-App notification to play ‘Shake It’ for a guaranteed prize.


Chance to Win: Every other day (Sunday-Friday), eligible customers stand a chance of winning a prize after activating a NEW Eligible Plan and will receive an SMS push and/or an In-App notification to play Shake It for a chance to win.


Guaranteed Win Eligibility: Eligible Customers must complete the Shake It action in the MyDigicel App on the Saturday to receive their instant win prize.


Chance to Win Eligibility: Eligible Customers will have twenty-four (24) hours from the issue date and time of the Shake It notification to complete the Shake It action in the MyDigicel App for a chance to win a prize.


This Promotion will be accessible to Eligible Customers while roaming, but any prizes won will only be available to be used and redeemed in Samoa.


7.    Will customers be notified when to participate in Promotion?

Yes.  Every Saturday during the promotional period, customers will be notified about the Guaranteed Win Shake being available.

Whenever a customer activates an Eligible Plan, they will also receive a SMS notification that they are eligible for a chance to Shake.


8.    How many times can a customer win in the Shake It component of the Promotion?

The maximum number of wins per Customer is once (1) per day.


9.    How does a customer participate in the General Prize Competition component of the Promotion?

Customers can enter the General Prize Competition by conducting any qualifying activity as outlined below:


10.    How does an eligible customer win prizes in the General Prize Competition?

Winners will be selected randomly for the weekly and grand prize draws from the pool of General Prize Competition entries for the particular week.

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