Topping Up

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Topping Up

Prepaid customers can add their desired credit to their account by using the following “Top Up” options

Direct Top Up

Add credit directly to a Digicel customer's account without having to enter any PIN numbers. Customer will receive a text message indicating the amount of credit requested and their new balance. Top up any amount from $1 upwards. Available at any Digicel Retail outlet and stores with Digicel Top Up signage.

Mobile Top Up

Purchase credit anytime from our authorized vendors. Simply pay the vendor and the credit will be sent directly to your phone or any other phone you choose. 

Flex Card

Purchase a Flex card from any one of our vendors island-wide in denominations of $5 and $10

DMM Top Up

ONLINE: Log into  and choose Send Top Up. Choose a recipient from your contact list or type in the mobile phone number. Select how much you want to send and how you want to pay. Click the ‘send now' button.

MOBILE: If you have signed up for a DMM account and would like to purchase Top Up using your funds. Dial *888#SEND, Enter 1 for Top Up, Enter 1 to Buy Top Up for your own mobile phone or Enter 2 if you would like to Send Top Up to any Digicel number. Enter amount you want in Cents, Enter PIN , Enter 1 to Confirm transaction.

Online Top Up

Recharge online using Visa or MasterCard worldwide. Simply log on to, click on Online Top Up

Top Up App

Download the Digicel Top Up App. Send or Receive Top Up from anywhere. Digicel Top Up is the fastest and most convenient way to send Top Up to friends and family or to your own mobile phone.

Credit U

Transfer credit to another Digicel customer by dialing *128*(customer number- who the credit is going to),*amount sending,#sign, press SEND. For example,

If you’re sending $5 to 7770000: Dial *128*7770000*5#SEND.

$0.10 fee applies for any transaction. 

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Topping Up