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All in One Bundle


What is the All-in-One Bundle?
The All in One Bundle is the new Digicel product that gives you the options to purchase Voice Minutes, Text Messages and Data Bundles all for one price. This can be done by dialling *685#SEND

This is a personalised offer, which means you will be offered and showed daily plans that are only eligible for your division (depending on your average spend)


How can I buy this bundle?
Dial *685# SEND and choose a Bundle that is available on the menu.


Is this available in the USSD Menu *123# SEND?
Yes. Available under the options ‘Daily All in One Bundle’ but the easiest way to purchase is by dialling *685#


What are the expiry periods?
24 hours counting from the time of purchase for ALL BUNDLES. Just dial *685# to renew your existing bundle or choose a different one available to you on the menu.


Why are the bundles available to me, different to my friend/family?
The bundles are personalized to your individual use. If your average spend is more than your friend, you will be offered more minutes, text and data than your friend. The more you spend, the more you’re offered. This is refreshed every month so if your average spend increases/decreases, this will be reflected in the bundles made available to you in the *685# menu.


Are the bundles for Digicel to Digicel Calls and Texts only?
The Voice Minutes can be used to call other local Digicel numbers. The Texts can be used to any local network.


Can I purchase other data bundles on top of this?
Yes. Additional data bundles will be added on top of your combo data balance.


Which data bundle will be used first?
The bundle that expires first will be used first, e.g. if you purchase the 40mb for $2 bundle (valid for 24 hours) at 10am and then you purchase the Combo bundle at 11am, the 40mb for $2 bundle will be used first as it was purchased first.


What if I purchase a new SIM will this offer be available to me?
Yes. You will be given the default offers:      
All in One $3
All in One $2.5
All in One $2

These offers are refreshed every month, so the offers made available to you on purchase will likely change after a month. 


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