Data Bonanza

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100% Bonus Data

Normal Data:
Bonus Data: 150MB
Total Data: 300MB
Valid for 3 Days

200% Bonus Data

Normal Data:
Bonus Data: 600MB
Total Data: 900MB
Valid for 5 Days

300% Bonus Data

Normal Data:
Bonus Data: 2025MB
Total Data: 2700MB
Valid for 7 Days

400% Bonus Data

Normal Data:
Bonus Data: 4GB
Total Data: 5GB
Valid for 30 Days

1.     How can customers get this Data Bonanza offer?

Customers will need to purchase any of the data plans listed below to be awarded FREE bonus data. Note there are only 4 data plans that the Data Bonanza offer applies to;

Data Bonanza Offers
Data Plan Normal Data Bonus Data Total Data Validity
$ 5 150MB 150MB 300MB 3 Days
Data Plan
$ 5
Normal Data
Bonus Data
Total Data
3 Days
$ 9 300MB 600MB 900MB 5 Days
Data Plan
$ 9
Normal Data
Bonus Data
Total Data
5 Days
$ 19 675MB 2025MB 2700MB 7 Days
Data Plan
$ 19
Normal Data
Bonus Data
Total Data
7 Days
$ 24 1GB 4GB 5GB 30 Days
Data Plan
$ 24
Normal Data
Bonus Data
Total Data
30 Days

2.     Does it apply to data plans bought only on My Digicel App?

No. Customers can also get this offer if they buy their data plans via USSD menu and short-code as well. Data plans bought via My Digicel App will also be entitled to the Data Bonanza.

*NOTE: Only the data plans listed above will be awarded with free bonus data. Bonus data does not apply to other data plans (e.g. $3 data plan, $2 data plan, etc)

3.     Where can I find this on My Digicel App?

Customers can find this offer under Data Plans.

4.    Where can I find this offer on the USSD menu?

Steps are the same as to when you are buying a data plan. i.e.

1)    Dial *123#

2)    Select 4 for Data

3)    Select the data plan you are after

*NOTE: only the 4 data plans listed above are entitled to the Data Bonanza

5.     What is the expiry for the Free Bonus Data?

All free bonus data will have the same validity as the original data plan.

For example:

      $5 data plan – 300MB in total is valid for 3 days

      $9 data plan – 900MB in total is valid for 5 days

      $19 data plan – 2700MB in total is valid for 7 days

      $24 data plan – 5GB in total is valid for 30 days

6.     Will my unused data roll over?  

No. Any unused data will not rollover. Any unused data will expire when the validity is up

7.     Do I get the bonus Data if I buy any of the plans multiple times within the validity period?

Bonus Data bundle will not accumulate (or add up) when you purchase Data Plan within the validity period. For eg. If you buy the $5 Data Plan- you get 150MB Normal Data + 150MB Bonus Data. If you purchase the $5 Data plan again within 3 Days, while you have Data left, the 150MB Normal Data will be added to the left over Normal Data, while the 150MB Bonus Data will replace the leftover Bonus Data Bundle.

8.     What happened to the Night Pass that was on option 4 under Data in the USSD Menu?

Night Pass has now been replaced with the $5 data plan. If you want to buy the Night Pass, please buy it via My Digicel App. You will find it under data plans.

9.     Does Auto-Renewal apply to the Data Plans?

No. Auto renewal will not apply to the 4 Data plans during the promotion.

10.  What if customers with dongles, MiFis using tablets, iPads call in 123 or visit our stores to convert credit to data- do they also get the bonus data if they purchase any of the 4 qualified plans?

No. There are only 3 ways to purchase data plan in order for customer to get bonus data, they will either:

1.     Send text to short code- 4005, 4009, 4019 or 4024 OR

2.     Via USSD code *123# OR

3.     Via My Digicel App

In order for them to get the Bonus Data.

Free Bonus Data applies only to the $5, $9, $19 and $24 data plans. Data plans can be purchased via *123#, My Digicel App or on Short codes 4005, 4009, 4019 and 4024. Offer is available anytime of the day from the 10th November until 11.59pm, 17th December, 2017.

For more information call 123 for FREE from your Digicel phone or 7720000 from other local networks.

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