Super Alcatel MiFi Offer!

Super Alcatel MiFi

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Super Alcatel MiFi Offer!

The New Super Alcatel MiFi Offer is finally here! Take advantage of the amazing offer from only $119 which comes with 20GB FREE Data over 3 months.

1.    What is a MiFi?
A device that is used and acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

2.    How much is the Alcatel MiFi Device in this promotion?
It’s $119 tala and comes with 20GB of Free Data over 3 months.

3.    How is free 20GB data allocated over 3 months?
Once customer buys the device and activates the SIM on the MiFi device, 10GB of free data will be awarded.
On the 2nd month- customer MUST top up $20 or more and get 5GB of free data.
On the 3rd month- customer MUST top up $20 or more and get 5GB of free data.

4.    If I buy device now, then miss out on topping up the next month, while I top up $20 or more on the 3rd month- will I be getting the 2nd month’s free 5GB data?
No, you will get the 3rd month’s 5GB of free data. You have missed out on the 2nd month’s free data.

5.    Where can I buy this device?
At any Digicel retail store or authorised dealer (Cell City- Vaimea and Goldstar).

6.    How can I opt in to data plan once I use up my Free Data?
You can connect the Mifi to a laptop device then click on the MiFi link and go on SMS.
Enter ‘data’ on the message space and send to preferred data plan.

7.    Will I be able to activate data on the MiFi SIM using a handset/mobile phone?
Yes, you can. Insert SIM to a handset/mobile phone activate a data plan on *123# or MyDigicel App then put SIM back to MiFi device to use.

8.    If I opt in to an All in One data plan? Will I be able to use it on the Mifi device to connect?
Yes, any active data plan can be used to connect to the internet using the Mifi device. However, you are not able to make calls or texts of your All in One bundle.

9.    Am I able to take this device overseas using an overseas SIM?
No, all devices are locked to the Digicel network.

10.    Am I able to take this device overseas using my Digicel SIM and Call Samoa Roaming Data Plans?
Yes, you can. You will only be able to access data plans under the Call Samoa Roaming Data Plans.

  • 20GB Free data will be split over 3 months as detailed.
  • The first month’s free data of 10GB will be awarded once Mifi SIM is activated and is valid for 30 days.
  • The second and third month’s free data of 5GB each will be awarded once upon successful top of $20 or more each month.
  • Customers can buy any of the Supa Seki data plans available to top up their data when the free data is used.

For more information, please call 123 for free from your Digicel phone or 7720000 from other networks.

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Super Alcatel MiFi Offer!