Night Pass Data Bundle

$5 for 5000MB

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Night Pass Data Bundle - $5 for 5000MB

1.       How much is the Night Pass bundle?

$5 for 5,000MB.


2.       What is the validity?

The bundle is only for use between 12am – 7am


3.       How can I purchase this data bundle?

2 ways:

  1.  You can only buy this data bundle on the My Digicel App under the My Plans tab.
  2.  By dialling *123#, select 4 for data, and press 8 for Night pass


4.       How many times can I buy this bundle?

·         If you are buying the bundle anytime between the 12am – to 7am, you can only buy the bundle a maximum of 3 times within that time frame. For example, you purchase one bundle at 1am, the second one at 2am, and the third one at 3am. If you try and purchase another bundle again at 4m, it will not let you. All data purchased will expire by 7am of the same morning.

·         If you purchase the bundle anytime between 7am to 11.59.59pm, you can only purchase the bundle once. For example, if you purchase the bundle at 8am on the 1st of August, your bundle will only kick in for use at 12.00am (on the eve of 2nd August). It will not let you purchase a second bundle again until 12am on the same day.


5.       What if I don’t have My Digicel App on my phone?

Then you must download the app from Google Play for Android smartphones or Apple App Store for iPhones. Otherwise, you can buy it by dialling *123#


6.       Where do I go to buy the Data Bundle on the My Digicel App?

Click on PLANS, then click on Data Plans, click on ‘Night Pass, then click ’BUY’ (there’s also a Cancel option there).


7.       Where do I go to buy the Data Bundle on *123#?

Dial *123#, select 4 for data, select 4 for Night Pass


8.       How much do I get charged?

After buying the bundle you will then be awarded 5,000MB Data and $5.00 will be deducted from your main balance.


9.       What will happen if I have data left unused from the bundle?

Any unused data will roll over only when you purchase another bundle again anytime between 7am and 11.59.59pm. If you do not purchase another bundle again during this time, you will lose all your unused data. For example, you purchase a bundle at 1am and use only 3000MB by 7am, your 2000MB remaining will expire. If you purchase another bundle again at 8am, your 2000MB will roll over and your new data bundles will be 7000MB (5000MB new plus 2000MB remaining from your last purchase)

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Night Pass Data Bundle