FREE Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Twitter

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FREE Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Twitter

1.     How do I get this offer?

Customers can only get the offer by purchasing any DAILY All in One plan ONLY via My Digicel App


2.     Can I get the same offer on Weekly All in One plans?

No. This offer only applies to DAILY all in one plans.


3.     How much Free data do I get?

The free data depends on the daily AIO plan you are buying. For example, if you buy the $2 daily all in one plan, you will get 90MB FREE.


4.     What happens if my free data runs out?

If your free data is finished and you are still accessing Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or twitter, your normal data bundle will be used. If your normal data runs out, you will need to purchase another data bundle otherwise your credit will be used.

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FREE Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Twitter