Top Up & WIN

Top Up & WIN

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Top Up & WIN Big

Now everytime you Top Up for $5 or more, you automatically go into the draw to WIN below prizes. How amazing is that!

Weekly Prizes 10 X winners every week wins $500 each

Grand Prize 2 X winners win $10,000 each on the last week

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How does it work?
Any customer that tops up $5 or more automatically goes into the draw to win cash prizes. Offer applies to prepaid and postpaid capped customers.

2.      What are they cash prizes?
Prizes are detailed below:

  • Weekly Prizes: 10 x winners every week wins $500 each
  • Grand Prize: 2 x winners win $10,000 each on the last week

3.      What dates are the draw?

  • Week 1: 24 Feb 2020 (weekly winners)
  • Week 2: 2nd March 2020 (weekly winners)
  • Week 3: 9th March 2020 (weekly winners)
  • Week 4: 16th March 2020 (weekly winners)
  • Week 5: 23rd March 2020 (weekly winners)
  • Week 6: 30th March 2020 (weekly winners)
  • Week 7: 5th April 2020 (grand prize winners)

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Top Up & WIN