Pule Oe Carry On

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Pule Oe Carry On

“Pule Oe” translates to ‘Up to You’, Carry On refers to how do you wish to continue to browse the internet. Customers will no longer be charged out of bundle automatically when they have finished their data bundles.

Once data bundle is used up, internet browsing or internet related activity will STOP and customer will receive text message informing them that they don’t have data left to continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How does it work?
When you buy a data plan, you will be able to browse internet using that data bundle. Once data is 100% used, your browsing will be stopped and you will receive the message- informing you that you have no data to browse.

2.    What do I do then?
You will receive the message:

“You do not have data to browse. Dial *123# to purchase a data plan again or text ‘Y’ to 144 to use out of bundle browsing at WST$0.33/MB”

You have two options:

  1. Continue browsing by buying a data plan on *123#, or
  2. Continue browsing by using your credit, text ‘Y’ to 144

3.    If I choose option b- using credit to browse, will I be able to change? How?
You will need to call 123 or 7720000 Customer Care and ask to remove you from out of bundle browsing (using your credit). You cannot manually opt out once you choose by texting ‘Y’ to 144.

4.    Does this apply to both Supa Seki data plans and All in One data plans?
Yes. You will receive the same advice and message.

5.    What about data on Tourist or Student SIM plans?
Yes, you will receive the same advice and message for both.

6.    How about the FREE Data bundles customers receive, like the Seki SIM+ offer?
Yes, any data bundle, customer will receive the same advice and message.

7.    Will I still be receiving data usage percentage messages?
Yes. You will still receive messages when you have used 75% of data and 90% data. When you have used 100% of your data bundle, internet session will stop and you will receive the text message.

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Pule Oe Carry On