White Sunday

White Sunday

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Fifty families celebrate White Sunday with Digicel

Wednesday, 10th October 2018 – Apia, Samoa – Digicel Samoa today concluded their white sunday top up and win promotion which started in August. Close to four hundred customers had won daily prizes, a share of thirteen thousand tala worth of credit, and weekly winners winning prepaid mifi devices preloaded with data.

In addition, as part of the main prizes, fifty lucky families were rewarded shopping vouchers with a combined total value of forty thousand tala to spend on their children’s white Sunday clothes, food items for their white Sunday to’ana’I and each family will receive an additional one hundred tala stationery voucher from SSAB for their children’s school needs. 

CEO, Farid Mohammed said, “A lot of thought was put in to this promotion. As a business, it’s important to be innovative and at the same time ensure that any ideas we bring to the market are of value and benefit to our customers. White Sunday is one of the biggest events in the Samoan family setting, perhaps even bigger than Christmas, so we wanted to help our customers celebrate this special time of year for our children. I’m certain our lucky families here with us today are going to enjoy this year’s celebrations a bit more than usual with these prizes.”

An excited Mailei Avia of Manono-Uta, who was one of the recipients of the one thousand tala shopping vouchers said, “This is such a huge surprise! I’ve been following the promotion, never had I imagined I would win. I was in the middle of budgeting for both things- to’ana’i and the clothes when I received a call to inform me that I was one of the lucky winners. After taking the call I gave out the most satisfying sigh of relief ever, thank you Digicel!”

Five hundred tala shopping voucher winner, Soonafai Lepua of Satuiatua Savaii also shared the same sentiments adding, “Just last week I saw the Digicel team here at my village of Satuiatua and I bought a top up from them. I’d like to think it was a sign that I would win something, now that I have, I thank you Digicel and keep up the amazing service to our country”

All fifty winners were also given a choice to select a store from a list identified by Digicel to spend their winning vouchers.

“It was important that we allowed our customers different options for their shopping, so when we did the initial calls to let them know that they had won, we also gave them the options of the stores for them to go and check out to see which store best suited their family and children’s needs for white sunday. Now it’s just a matter of selecting what’s going in that food trolley for Sunday to’ana’i and what outfits and accessories the children want” added Farid.

Digicel Samoa also takes this opportunity to wish all the children and families of Samoa a safe and Happy White Sunday.

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White Sunday