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Samoa Youth Alive

SYA with Digicel

Over 8,000 people are expected to attend the Samoa Youth Alive this year. Since its inception in 1999, the Samoa Youth Alive Gospel Dance Competition has expanded vigorously every year and is now one of the country’s largest annual events. It is one of the few programs aimed at developing the youth and distinctively addresses the issues affecting the young generation such as truancy, teen pregnancy, crime and violence to name a few. The program seeks to stir enthusiasm and inspire young people towards a more positive outlook on life and strengthen spiritual living.

With the enticing first prize of $10,000 tala and several other cash prizes, it’s no wonder the competition has increased with the talent pool fiercely improving their routines and performances.

This is the sixth year that Digicel has sponsored the successful event. Pastor Siagigi graciously accepted the cheque of $20,000 tala and proudly co-signed the sponsorship agreement with Digicel’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Leaupepetele Talai Jr Lene.

“Digicel encourages the innovation and creativity of youth especially in the area of the Arts and performing arts. We’ve seen that our Samoan youth are especially gifted in this area. We are happy to partner with SYA and create these opportunities to productively channel their energy and showcase their skills”, commented Leaupepetele.

Youth make up about 50% of Samoa’s population. Leaupepe noted that Digicel prioritizes the investment in youth programs that will prove to benefit the country socially and economically. He goes on to explain that SYA appeals to Digicel because of its nature as a competition that fosters spiritual growth and cohesiveness amongst the young generation and creates an atmosphere of harmony and optimism within the community.

He said, “The young ones are given the chance to express themselves and be involved, recognized and rewarded for something they’re interested in and believe in”.

The Samoa Youth Alive Committee strives to deliver a show each year that exceeds the expectations of the public and the youth. There are very limited extracurricular activities to academia locally and even fewer that is relevant and appeal to the broader youthful audience. In Samoa, the largest organised gatherings for the youth are within their own village youth groups and/or church groups. With the objective that a better young generation leads to a better community; a better nation and ultimately; a better world - the SYA is one local occasion not to be missed.


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