Digicel Segavao Claims the First International Independence Day Title

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May 31st, 2010, Apia: Digicel Segavao are the first team to win the International Independence Day Fautasi Race held in Apia early yesterday morning as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

“Digicel Segavao is one of our longest running sponsorships and we’re proud to support such a dedicated and hard working team as we share these same values within Digicel” said Pepe Christian Fruean, CEO of Digicel Samoa.

The Fautasi race kicked of Independence week with a new addition to the line up. Aeto from American Samoa accepted an invitation to compete in the race after winning against the Digicel Segavao during their last meet.

“We have been preparing and training hard for the past four weeks towards this victory” stated Vaimasenu’u Zita Martel, skipper of the Digicel Segavao. “By keeping to our mantra One Beat and synchronizing the rhythm of the oars, the team was able to row as ‘One’. With sheer stamina and fitness, we won the race.” she continued.

The win is a historical moment not only for Digicel Segavao but also for the country as it is the first International meet to be held in Samoa.


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Digicel Segavao Claims the First International Independence Day Title