Introducing GAMEZONE

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GAMEZONE is a gaming platform that requires no installation. Here you’ll find the best and most enjoyable games for the whole family. The games are renewed on the content catalogue and new fun games are added constantly. It is full of FUN and ENTERTAINMENT! The online games are easy to play and over 100 games are available (3D Games, Casino, Sports, Racing, Adventure, Puzzle, or Strategy games) to satisfy all types of gaming appetite.


1.    What is GAMEZONE?
GAMEZONE is an online gaming portal where Digicel customers in SAMOA can play HTML5 games via their data-enabled mobile devices.

2.    What is the URL for the portal?

3.    What are the requirements to access the GAMEZONE Portal?
To subscribe and access the service you will need:
1.    An active Mobile subscription plan
2.    Digicel Data plan.

4.    How much do I pay to subscribe to this service?
20 sene per day.

5.    How does Gamezone work?
Once you click on the URL and land on the GAMEZONE portal you will see the details of the service including the charges. To subscribe to the service you will see a similar screen as shown below and will have to press the ‘Accept” button. Once accepted, you will be asked to double confirm on the auto renewal service.

When confirmed you will receive 2 response texts

  • Welcome Message with details of the service; how to use it and how to unsubscribe.
  • The link to portal in order to start enjoying the service.

6.    What happens when you click on the link displayed in the text?

  • When you click on the link you will be re-directed to the Games Menu as below:
  • You can now played Unlimited Games.

7.    What message is displayed when subscription is active but no Internet connection?
If you browse the link, we will show you a message informing you that you don’t have Internet connection.

8.    What happens when I don’t have credit and I subscribe to GAMEZONE?

You will not be able to subscribe to GAMEZONE with insufficient credit. An automated SMS will be received while subscribing with insufficient credit: “Sorry you have insufficient credit to subscribe to GAMEZONE.  Please Top up and try again later. Thank you!”

9.    I want to play a game on GAMEZONE. But it doesn’t load, what should I do?
You may not be connected to the Internet, or your Internet connection is too slow. The game screen may go blank or the below screen will be shown for a while because some games need more time to load.

10.    How can I unsubscribe from the GAMEZONE?
To Unsubscribe Text Keyword “Stop” to short code 146. You will receive the SMS above:

11.    If I have subscribed and have run out of my data plan and have no balance left, do I still get deducted regardless whether I have a data plan or not?
Yes, you will still be charged as this is a subscription service. To stop subscription, you can send the word STOP to 146 and you will no longer be charged. Sending this text is free and you will not be charged

12.    Does the gaming portal work on feature phones?

No. It only works on smartphones

13.    What happens if I subscribed and I’ve run out of credit and data? How will I be charged with the 20 sene?
While trying to play, you will be asked to Top Up again due to insufficient funds.

14.    Can the players’ multi-share like on FB candy crush?
No, each number will have a separate unique identity.

15.    Does my score for each game compete with players of all other scores? I.e. my high score for pet crush will show in other players when they log into the same game?

16.    The 20 sene subscription fee, what time does it deduct from my balance?
When you subscribe the fee will be deducted to confirm your subscription, renewal will be done the following day

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Introducing GAMEZONE