Cash Call Promotion

Cash Call Promotion

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Cash Call Promotion

The Cash Call promotion is an innovative promotion from Digicel which covers every working hour of the weekdays (Monday to Friday) with calls to our customers for their chance to WIN cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How does promotion work?
MyFM Radio - 89.1FM hosts will call a Digicel number every working hour from Monday to Friday and customer should answer with the specific keyphrase in order for them to WIN Cash.

2.    What is the keyphrase?

3.    What happens if customer answers with “Hello” or anything else?
It will be considered a ‘wrong answer’ and therefore misses their chance to WIN that cash call.

4.    How much does the Digicel customer win?
Every call is worth $50 Cash, if the customer answers incorrectly, the $50 cash will be added for the next hour’s call ($50 cash as well) and if they continue to answer incorrectly, the cash prize accumulates (goes up).

5.    OK, so how do I qualify to be in the draw?
You will have to buy ANY prepaid plan except for- the Prepaid Roaming plans, the Visitor SIM plans, Maota Plans and the Text Bundle Plans. The Draws will be done daily.


  • All eligible opt ins from Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be drawn for the Monday calls
  • All eligible opt ins from Sunday will be drawn for the Tuesday calls
  • All eligible opt ins from Monday will be drawn for the Wednesday calls
  • All eligible opt ins from Tuesday will be drawn for the Thursday calls
  • All eligible opts in from Wednesday will be drawn for the Friday calls

6.    Can I buy these plans on both MyDigicel App and *123# in order to be in the daily draws?

7.    How many numbers will be drawn each day?
Monday and Wednesday- 7 Numbers to Call each day Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - 9 Numbers to Call each day.

8.    Where do I uplift my cash if I win?

  • Upolu Winners- SNPF Plaza Main Office- Level 2
  • Savaii Winners- Digicel Store at Frankie’s Compound

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Cash Call Promotion