Maota Plans

These are dedicated plans for Router and MiFi devices. The validity period for each plan varies.

Price Data Allocation Validity
$29 Tala 20GB Data 15 Days
$49 Tala 10GB Data 15 Days
$79 Tala 70GB Normal Data, 5GB Netflix Data and 5GB Night Data. 30 Days
$99 Tala 100GB Normal Data, 10GB Netflix Data and 10GB Night Data. 30 Days
$149 Tala 150GB Normal Data, 15GB Netflix Data and 15GB Night Data. 30 Days
$199 Tala 200GB Normal Data, 25GB Netflix Data and 25GB Night Data. 30 Days

1.    How do I purchase these plans?
You must opt in via MyDigicel App or add device number to your MyDigicel App account OR Top Up device number with the exact amount/denomination and you will automatically get the plan activated.

2.      What happens if I Top Up an amount that is close to monthly Plan amount?
Data allocation will not be awarded, while balance remains in your device number. For eg, if you Top Up $70 tala, you will need to Top Up $9 tala or more in order for you to subscribe to the $79 monthly plan on My Digicel App.

3.      What time can I use the Night Time Data allocation?
12pm to 6am.

4.      Are there any Top Up options when I run out of data?
YES, the top up options and data are:
·         6GB for $10 valid for 15 days
·         15GB for $20 valid for 15 days

5.      Will I be able to purchase the Top Up data on its own?
No. You must have purchased a monthly Maota Plan in order for you to purchase the Top Up plans as an add-on or when you have run out of data.

6.      How do I purchase the Top Up Plan?
On MyDigicel app when you have purchased any of the monthly Maota Plans

7.      Will unused data rollover?
No. Unused data will forfeit.

8.      Are these plans available on Postpaid as well?
No. Only Prepaid.

9.      How can I manage my device- password, messaging, connections etc
Once you are connected. Enter the link here on your browser: to access the manage portal. This should be the same for both Mifi and Router.

Maota Plans