FREE Data for 1 Year!

Get 1 Year Free data which includes 5GB Free Anyuse data every month when you buy a new smartphone.

1.    Who all is eligible for this offering?

All customers buying a New Smartphone/Device is eligible and qualifies for the 1 Year Free Data.


2.    What will I get with 1 Year Free Data?
With this offer, customers will get 5GB Any Use Data added every month for 12 months upon top up of $20 or more every month. Additionally you will also get 3GB Data to use for each of the Digicel Apps (Playgo, D’Music, BIP, Billo, Loop & GoLoud).


3.    How long is the Free Data valid?

The Free Data bundles can be used within first 5 days from the day the bundle was activated.


4.    How long will the offer continue?

The offer will continue for 12 months or 1 Year from purchase.


5.    How will I get the Free Data Offer?

After purchasing the Handset with a NEW SIM or an existing SIM from Digicel we will automatically provide you with the 1 Year offer. The offer will be automatically triggered upon topping up $20 or more.


6.    What action is required to get this reward monthly?

Simply Top Up $20 or more to get your reward monthly. Free Data bundles will be automatically awarded once the criteria is met. 


7.    What else do I need to do to keep receiving the offer on a monthly basis?

You will need to keep the handset and mobile number active.


8.    If I change my number, do I still get the Free 1 Year Data Plan?
No, the offer is configured to your device and your mobile number. You have to keep this active.


9.    If I purchase a new device will I still get the handset offer?

Yes, you will get the new offer with your existing or new number from the date of device purchase.


10.    Where can I purchase this handset and get the 1 Year Data plan?
You can purchase the handset from any of our Retail Stores, Dealers or our direct sales team members.


11.    What are all the devices available and prices for these devices?

Device Price
DL241 $79
DL4  $249
DL3 Pro Plus $299
Samsung A02 $399
Samsung A03 $499
Samsung A13 $799
Samsung A22 $799
Samsung A23 $899
Samsung A32 $999
Samsung A33 $1,299
Samsung A52 $1,499
Samsung A72 $1,799
Samsung S21 FE $2,499
Samsung S22 $3,499
Samsung S22 Ultra $4,499
Samsung Tab A7 Lite $699
iPhone 13 Pro $3,999
iPhone 13 Pro Max $4,499