Supa Seki Data Plans

Opt in to our Supa Seki plans via MyDigicel app and start streaming today!




1 Day
3 Days
7 Days
14 Days
28 Days

1.    How can I opt in to these plans?

· MyDigicel App - go to PLANS, AVAILABLE PLANS, select on SEKI DATA

· USSD Menu- dial *123#, enter 2 for Data Plans


2.    What else has changed on Super Seki Data Plans?

Supa Seki $2, $7 &  $100 has been removed and no longer available for purchase.


3.    Does the Seki Plans include rollover?

No, bundle rollover is not applicable for all prepaid data plans.


4.    If I choose an Auto-Renewal plan, will my Supa Seki Data Plans rollover when renewed?

No, unused data will not rollover and will be expired. With the auto renewal option you don’t have to opt in to the existing plan it will be automatically done for you when you have sufficient funds in your balance.


5.    If I have chosen an Auto Renewal plan, how will I be able to Opt Out?

· USSD Menu

· Dial *123#, enter number 2 – data, Select 6 – Opt out bundles and select Auto-renewal plan to opt out


6.    Is there a notification when my bundle is used up?

Yes a notification is sent once the bundle is used up


7.    What will happen if my bundle expire?

You will be required to purchase a new bundle


8.    Will I be charged out of bundle when my bundle has depleted or ended?

Once the data bundle is fully utilized customer will receive a SMS to send ‘Y’ to 144 to continue with OOB browsing or purchase another plan on *123# or MDA to continue browsing. If customer send ‘Y’ to 144 Out of bundle will be allowed and every time customer runs out of data bundle the browsing session will continue charging from ABM (Credit) balance.


9.    How can I stop out of bundle browsing from chewing my credit?

You must call in to customer care on 123 to Opt in your number to Digicel On Worry Off (DOWO) to stop out of bundle browsing once bundle is fully utilized.