Valentine's Top Up & WIN

Valentine's Top & WIN Offer

 Top up 300VT or more to enter the draw to win Lunch or dinner vouchers or Top up 500VT or MORE to win part of VT200, 000. Celebrate this Valentine’s with Digicel.

Draw date Prize Winners
1st Mar VT50,000 Cash 4
1st Mar Lunch/ Dinner Voucher worth VT5,000 5

1.    Are there any other prizes?

2.    What happens if a customer from other islands in Vanuatu wins?
Customer will be contacted and the money will be send through bank, NBV and or other banks.

3.    Is accumulative top up applied to this promotion?
No, promotion does not apply to accumulative top up. Top up must be of 300VT or more in a single top up transaction. - E.g. if you top up by 100VT three times, you will not enter the draw.

4.    When is the draw?
Draw will be done on the 1st of March Winners will be posted on Social Media and Press.

5.    How will customer be notified they have entered?
Yes a message will be updated for all top up done to inform customer their number has entered the draw.

6.    Promotion start and end date?
Starts 1st of Feb 2021, and ends on the 28th of Feb, 2021.