Top Up – Digicel Riwods

Simply text "Bid" to 242 and increase your points for your chance to be 1 of 10 lucky winners to WIN a share of VT200,000 cash.


1.    How will the customer know that they have entered the draw to win?
As soon as the customer text Bid to 242 they should receive below sms that will notify them that they are now in the draw;


Naes wan! naoia yu stap insaet lo dro blo WINIM pat blo 200,000VT CASH, kontinue blo texem CASH lo 242 blo WIN, 100pts/text. MOA text MOA janis blo win 


2.    What is the cost of one text?
1 text is equal to 100 points.


3.    What will happen if the customer does not have enough points in their balance and still want to participate?
The customer will receive below sms letting them know that they do not have enough points to proceed and that they need to top up to increase their points;


Yu wantem WINIM isi CASH? Topap blo inkrisim ol poens blo yu mo texem CASH lo 242 blo save kam wan lo ol laki winas, no mestem janis, Ko topap naoia


4.    Promotion start and end date?

Promotion starts on the 5th of August and ends on the 30th of August. Draw date is 31st August 2021.


5.    What happens if the winner is from the other island?
The winner will be contact and will be awarded accordingly. The prize is as where is which means the other island winners have to take care of the shipping cost.