Samsung Tablet Offer


Buy a Samsung tablet at any of our retail outlet at 19,500VT up to 25,000VT and get 1GB every month for 12 months.

1.    How will customers know that they have received the free data bundle?

- Customers will receive the following trigger messages each month when the bundle renewed;

- Monthly , as new IMEI comes onto the network


Naeswan! Yu kat FRI 1GB data valid 3 days. Topap 250VT lo beginning blo next month blo risivim FRI bundle. Enjoy!

Note; customer will receive similar message every month when the bundle is triggered and award to customers msisdn.


2.    What is the validity of the free data bundle?
Valids for 3 days.

3.    Promotion start and end date?

Promotion starts on the 31st of January 2022 and is ongoing until stocks last.