MyCash Top Up Offer

Top Up by 200VT or more and we will award you with double the credit ie. If your Top Up amount is 200VT, you will receive 200VT real credit plus 200VT bonus credit or FREE credit.

1.    What is the promotion threshold?
The promotion threshold is 200VT.

2.    Will I get the double up promotion if I top up via any channel?
Top up promotion of double up is only applicable for top up done via MyCash.

3.    How can I top up on MyCash?
You can buy Top Up for your Digicel number or send Top Up to another Digicel user with your MyCash mobile wallet.  Please follow the steps below:

➝ Simply login to your MyCash app and select the ‘Top Up’ tab. 

➝ You can choose to Top Up your own phone or send Top Up to another Digicel user by entering the mobile number or selecting from your contacts.

➝ Select ‘Next’ and then choose your Top Up amount or enter the amount manually and press ‘Continue’. 

➝ Select ‘Confirm’ and then you will need to enter your 4-digit PIN to successfully complete your transaction.

4.    If I do not have the MyCash app, can I top up using the USSD *888#? Will I get the Double credit promotion then?
If you do not have access to a smart phone, you can dial *888# for the Top Up option and follow the prompts.


5.    If the top up amount is less than the threshold amount, will the customer receive the double up promotion?
No, if the top up amount is less than the threshold amount they will not receive the free credit.


6.    What is the validity of the free credit?
Free credit validity is 2 days from time of top up. Unused free credit will expire after the validity period.

7.    How can I use the bonus or free credit?
Free credit can be used for Digicel to Digicel calls and SMS only. Free credit cannot be used to purchase bundles.

8.    How will I know that I have received the bonus credit?
You will get a trigger message to inform you when you receive the free credit after successful top up action of 200VT or more.

9.    How can I check the free credit balance?
Free credit balance check can be done via *130# and via MyDigicel App.

10.    Will I get the double up promotion if I top up more than once?
Yes. You will get the promotion multiple times as long as you are meeting the threshold for top up.