MyCash ISP Bill Pay

Now prepaid and postpaid customers can make payments for ISP via the MyCash wallet..

Digicel ISP Plans
Prepaid Postpaid
50GB - 5,000VT - 30 days  50GB - 5,000VT - 30 days

1.      How do I pay the bill using USSD code *888#?

Below is the flow;
I.        Dial *888#

II.       Select option 4 “Pay Bills”

III.      Select option 4 “ISP”

IV.     Select option 2 “ISP 4G”

V.      Select option 1 “Prepaid or postpaid”

VI.     Enter ISP account (mobile number)

VII.    Enter amount, this should be 5,000VT

Note: As soon as you make a successful payment of 5,000VT, the credit will be deducted from your ISP account and the bundle of 50GB is awarded to the ISP account (mobile number). If there is an error, please call Customer Care on 123 for assistance.


2.    What is the validity of the ISP bundle?

The validity of the ISP bundle is for 30days and this is from the day you made the payment.


3.    Can I also pay their ISP bill on the MyCash app?

Yes, you can download or login to the app and add your ISP bill in order to proceed with the payment.


4.    What happens if I made a payment less than 5,000VT?

Your money will be on your ISP account (mobile number) and it will add up every time until it reaches 5,000VT and the system will automatically deduct the amount and award the data bundle.


5.    Is this for both Prepaid and Postpaid ISP?

Yes, this is for both Prepaid and Postpaid ISP customers.

6.    What if I have a different ISP price plan?

You can call Customer Care on 123 and our team will assist you to change to this Price Plan.

7.    Promotion start and end date?
Promotion starts on the 20th of September and is ongoing.