MyCash International Money Transfer

Now you can receive money from friends and family in Australia via money sender partner, Rocket Remit. This is an exciting opportunity for Digicel customers to receive money on their mobile wallet removing the need for a bank account.

1.    How can loved ones send you money from overseas?

Your loved ones living abroad in Australia can send you money directly into your MyCash mobile wallet with our money send partner, Rocket Remit. Simply provide your registered MyCash mobile wallet phone number, name and address and they will be able to start the process from here.

2.    How it works for the Sender overseas:

Register for a free account by visiting Rocket Remit via the website or download the Rocket Remit App

- Sender to load Rocket Remit account with funds via preferred payment method

- Sender to enter transfer amount and required details of the Recipient

- Sender to confirm the transfer

- Sender will receive a successful notification of payment and the receiver will receive a successful SMS notification

3.    How do I (the Receiver) use the money once I receive this in my MyCash mobile wallet?

You will be able to use the money to buy Digicel Top Up for yourself or loved ones, pay for bills, or send to another MyCash user across Vanuatu.  Use the MyCash app or dial *888# for the USSD menu.

4.    Where can I deposit or withdraw money into my MyCash mobile wallet?

You will be able to deposit or withdraw money at any Digicel Store or authorized MyCash Agent across Vanuatu.