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for 50VT


for 200VT


for 510VT


for 1000VT
  • Standard prepaid terms and conditions apply. In addition other relevant conditions are listed as below.
  • Data Promotions are applicable to all Digicel Vanuatu prepaid customers who are in Home network.
  • Data bundles are available to prepaid customers only via My Digicel app.
  • Customers have choice to purchase promoted data bundles or any other bundles not under promotional offers.
  • Data Promotion bundles offer standard data allowance (MBs) and additional Data allowance (MBs) over and above. Both Standard data allowance and additional data allowance have validity as per current promotion.
  • Customer will receive notifications when 90% and 100% of total data allowance is exhausted/used up.
  • Data benefits are valid from the subscription time.(HH.MM)
  • Customer will receive a post subscription notification via SMS and also a post validity /expiry notification via SMS.
  • Additional Data (MBs), if unused, does not roll over or carried forward.
  • Data Bundle’s standard data and additional data allowance’ (remaining) balance can be checked by dialling *130#
  • “+FB” Extra Data allowance for browsing Facebook is as per original pack and is under fair usage policy. Standard conditions for FB browsing are applicable i.e.  FB allowance can be used only for browsing and uploading pictures/ updates.

10 Times Data Everyday offer is Limited period offer till February 2nd 2018 and hence can/may be withdrawn earlier without prior notice as per discretion of Digicel Vanuatu Limited.

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10 x More Data