IOU Credit Advance

IOU Credit Advance

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IOU Credit Advance

Digicel has launched its IOU Emergency Credit Advance Service where customers can borrow credit in time of emergency on certain criteria. Later when the customer tops up the amount plus 10% gets deducted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What are the criteria’s for a customer to be eligible for this service?

  • 30 days after sim activation
  • Has done a top up of 100VT and More within the 30 days of activation
  • Sim card must be on active status

2.    How much can a person advance?
Customers can only advance an amount of 100VT

3.    How much do I have to pay back?
100VT plus extra 10VT. A total of 110VT.

4.    How many times can a customer use the IOU service?
Customers can use the service as many time as possible as long as they pay back their loan they can continue using the service.

5.    Can customers advance again if they haven’t pay back their loan?
No, customers have to top up to pay back the loan before they can loan again.

6.    How will the promotion will be advertised?

  • Social media
  • T2B
  • USSD

For any feedbacks or queries, please email or see the Marketing Team.

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IOU Credit Advance